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A sheath dress is a classic design that is important to carry in your wardrobe. These popular styles in a sheath dress are elegant, classy, and incredibly figure flattering. These options are great choices to hold on to for a long time because they are so timeless.

The Drape Back Dress from Ports 1961 dress is an expensive, but timeless option to pick up. This dress features a scoop neckline with bib front. The dramatically draped front bodice is beautiful and will accentuate your figure in the most flattering of ways. The side zipper with hook and eye closures is a lingerie inspiration that is a great way to create a sexy look with an otherwise classic dress. In a wool blend, this dress is great for the fall months.

For another great option that is perfect for fall from Ports 1961, pick up the Tweed Sheath option. This sleeveless dress features slant hip pockets and front and back silk ribbon details. The back tie at keyhole and hidden side zip are great details that make this dress a joy to slip on. Perfect for work and perfect for a work luncheon, this dress is the epitome of elegance and class.

For a stunning look that is great for evening, pick up the Lauren by Ralph Lauren Sybil Banded dress. This dress features intricate beading and a sleek silhouette that creates a beautiful evening look for any occasion. The wide shoulder straps are seductive and demure at the same time. The concealed back zip helps this dress to maintain an overall stunning look that seamless and slimming. The acetate and polyester blend hangs well and will look stunning on a wide variety of figures.

For a lightweight option that is affordable, pick up the Lightweight Wool dress from Banana Republic for $109.99. This dress is a wool blend material with a touch of stretch for a beautiful body hugging shape. The hidden back zip and hidden onseam pockets create a beautiful look that is practical for everyday in the office. The straight skirt vents in the back and is sexy and elegant. Perfect for spring, fall, and winter, this dress will be fun to layer as the months get colder this fall.

For a sateen option, pick up the Newport News Sateen dress is a beautifully slimming option and perfect for spring. The rich almond and peach colorways are great and vibrant options that will be great as the months get warmer and sunnier. Throw on a contrast belt for a look that accentuates your slim waist without becoming too flashy for work.

For a funky look in a sheath, pickup the MICHAEL Michael Kors Animal Spot dress in a cotton and spandex blend of materials. This dress features a round neckline, sleeveless body, and straight skirt for a slimming but eye catching look in a sheath. The color options range from a cream and black or a more shocking pink and black animal print. This dress will be your favorite to wear when you don feel like blending in and you want to make a loud statement.

These popular styles in a sheath dress are flattering options to purchase for long term effortless style. Today, every Company is competing in order to get a lead, they have been searching for economical and dependable media to promote their business and reach out to the end user. Mostly web servers that host high profile sites, DNS servers and mail servers are the most common targets of such attacks. That is why a great number of men and women try to find useful hair growth tips that might help grow the hair stronger. However, in order to realize this aim it will require a lot of persistence and also dedication. Due to such reason so many youngsters are moving for this trend in order to find a successful career in Malayalam singing. You can promote your business at thousands of free classifieds websites. You can sell your old stuff or you can advertise your business free of cost by submitting free classifieds advertisements. Also many peoples are will to buy different items. Many people are abusing alcohol despite being aware of its harmful effects. More than half of the Americans are abusing alcohol. Anyone who has not created or printed a post card on his or her own before may find it hard to begin. One, there may be hesitations.
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dr martens zack Indoor Gardening with Moss

Have you ever walked the many trails and parks in Lane County, particularly during the rainy season and noticed moss covered trees, branches and rocks? In a natural setting mosslooks quite beautiful. Draped on tree branches it sets a tone of an ancient, almostmedieval quality. Along streams and waterfalls, moss creates plush greencushions that accent the water features.

This picturesque scene may be reproduced indoors using sealed containers known as terrariums or in open dish containers with relatively little effort. Instead, mosses draw nutrients directly through their leaves in a hair like structure called a rhizoid. Rhizoids adhere to a plants surface. Moss colonies often consists of hundreds of tiny plants growing tightly together to form a dense mat. Since moss takes nutrients from the leaves and not the roots, it can grow on living trees without being parasitic or interfering with the trees growth.

Mosses have twodistinctgrowth forms. The life cycle begins from a spore that germinates into a thread like mass called protonema and looks like bright green felt. This then develops into the gametophore stage that forms stems and leaves. From the stems, sex organs develop and, after fertilization, spores are formed and carried by the wind to colonize. The size and shape of the leaves and length of the stems can vary greatly depending on the moss specie.

What are False Mosses? The term is generically used in the nursery trade to describe many short, carpet like plants. Often referred to as moss plants such as Irish moss are highly decorative, but are not true mosses because they have vascular systems and roots. While these types of plants may also be grown in containers, they do not share the same characteristics as mosses.

Taking a good starter portion of moss from the outdoors is simple. Often all that is needed is a handful or two of moss fragments or scrapings. If it is possible to take moss intact and still attached to its host, it will enable you to culture the plant more quickly. Still, fragments will do just fine. There are many woodland areas to find moss, but before taking any plant material from a park be sure to get permission first. If you explain exactly what you are doing there may be no objection, but to avoid the issue take what you can find in your own back yard.

Terrariums are simply an enclosed container that holds the soil substrate, wood or rocks, and plants, that is sealed to hold in moisture and humidity. This bodes well for moss since it likes quite a bit of moisture and humidity. The container can be just about anything that is clear and has a lid. Aquariums, large glass bowls, or any such container, will work as long as you have a lid for it. It is fairly easy to measure and cut a plexi glass lid to fit any container.

To begin, put a layer of pea size or slightly larger pebbles on the bottom. This will enable drainage so the soil will not remain over saturated in water. Next add a layer of granulated charcoal. This may be found at aquarium supply stores. The charcoal will help prevent moisture and air from getting stale and smelling bad. Then add a layer of potting soil at least as deep as the other two layers combined. (If you are planting only true moss, then potting soil is not required and sand or some other material may be used.) You can raise the level higher in the back or create hills and valleys to enable the illusion of depth of field. Spritz the soil enough to make it uniformly damp.

Next comes the fun part creating a landscape design! Arrange rocks or wood in such a way that is pleasing, shows depth of field and looks like a scene from the forest! Place larger rocks toward the back and smaller ones in the front. Leave some open space, or pathways, that lead the eye to look at different areas. If using stones, from an artistic standpoint it is better to use stones that areuniformlythe same type but differ in size. Manzanita wood is very branchy and thin enough to use in small containers without being visually overbearing. If you are adding other types of plants, do not mix them with moss on soil, particularly grass like plants, because the plants will quickly overrun the moss. Small ferns do well with moss and plants may be placed in separate areas of the landscape.

Moss sod or fragments may be laid on the surface of rock or wood or directly on the substrate. Wrapping it with thin nylon thread or fishing line will keep it in place and the moss will grow over the thread. If placing moss directly on the substrate, it must be a firm surface. If your soil is loose or simply press it down to firm it. There is also a method reported on the internet of creating a moss slurry by adding moss andyogurt, or beer, to a blender and then painting the slurry onto the surface. The solution should be thick enough so it will not drip off. The beer or yogurt feeds the moss fragments in the slurry until it grows into a mat and is well secured on the wood or rock. After everything is in place, mist all the plants and surface area and put on the lid.

Light is the most critical factor for growing plants. In the case of moss, too much light is the greatest enemy. A few hours of morning sun will help the moss to color up more intensely and full afternoon sun will most likely kill it. Moss prefers cool damp air and partial light. In the summertime keep it away from extreme heat. Indirect sunlight would be the best or a simple artificial light such as a desktop fluorescent that is not too close, (12 inches or more above the terrarium). A very low wattage light can aid in being able to visually see the terrarium better without adding much to the overhead light or window light (such as a cabinet display light) and could be positioned behind the terrarium or at the base, which would create better viewing without shining light directly onto the plants.

Mosses may also be grown indoors in open dish type garden containers. The same layered substrate is used and the only difference is it will require daily misting to keep the plants moist and humid.
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dr marten style shoes Invicta bring in business brains

FOLKESTONE Invicta chairman, Bob Dix, has moved to strengthen the financial future of the Dr Martens Premier League club.

Mr Dix, together with the club’s other board members, has decided to appoint a five strong support board of local businessmen with differing areas of expertise.

The support board will carry out a strategic review of Invicta’s revenue opportunities, and seek to introduce further plans to bolster the club’s earnings.

This will include a five year business plan, primarily to make sure there is sufficient revenue for an expansion of the club’s footballing ambitions.

Mr Dix said yesterday: “Finances have been, and to a certain extent, still are difficult, and I am very grateful to local friends and fans who are continuing to help the board to meet existing club debts.”

“But I, as chairman, have also to look to the future, which is why this new support board is going to be a major plus for Folkestone Invicta. By bringing in people with differing backgrounds and new ideas, I very much hope that they act as a real stimulant for increasing revenue streams.

“This provides a golden opportunity for Folkestone Invicta to move forward.”

Leading the push by the support board is Dover businessman Roger Knight,
dr martens 1b60 Invicta bring in business brains
who started his own company, RK Graphics 16 years ago, and, as managing director, now employs more than 20 staff. He has been a director of Dover Athletic until recently severing his connection with the club.

Mr Knight said: “I am delighted to be now part of Folkestone Invicta, and am looking forward to helping raise the finance, which the club certainly does need. But I believe that there is great potential at Invicta, and I very much hope to see that come to fruition.”

Two other former Dover Athletic directors, Jim Gleeson, and Jim Pellatt, have also agreed to join the support board.

Also on the support board is long time Folkestone supporter and former board member, Andy Ingleston, who recently has been helping assess the financial situation facing Invicta, and former Fleet Street editor Jonathan Holborow.
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low doc martens Inova CEO Knox Singleton Announces Retirement AlexandriaNews

J. Knox Singleton, 69, the longtime CEO of Inova, Northern Virginia’slargest private employer, announced he will be retiring July 1, 2018, completing 35 years of growth for what has become a world class healthcare system now serving more than two million patients a year.

“I am grateful to Inova’s board for accepting my request to retire,” Singleton said. “I want to move to the next chapter of my life while Inova is at its peak, fully engaged in implementing our strategic plan. This is the best time for Inova to recruit and transition to a new leader. I want to start my post Inova life while I am able to devote my full passion after 35 years to my personal priorities of social entrepreneurship and healthcare technology. I also want to spend more time with my family, especially my seven kids.”

During his tenure Singleton oversaw the evolution of Inova from a three hospital, $500 million enterprise with 1,000 employees to a $3.5 billion healthcare system with five hospitals, a health insurance company and over a hundred ambulatory service locations and 17,000 employees. Inova today provides over $200 million annually in free services to the community and is recognized as one of the most sophisticated, successful not for profit health systems in the nation. With an international reputation in both patient care and research, patients from more than fiftyforeign countriesseek specialized care at Inova’s research and patient care centers. Early in 2015, Inova announced its plan to transform the former ExxonMobil campus in Merrifield, Virginia into an advanced research and treatment center focusing on personalized medicine and genomic science.

Tony Nader, Chair of the Inova Board of Trustees, credited Singleton with advancing Inova’s vision of becoming a global center for the discovery and application of genomics and bio informatics to the care of patients. “Knox Singleton is the real builder of one of the most advanced healthcare systems and research centers serving the mid Atlantic region. All of us owe him a debt of gratitude, admiration and best wishes for his leadership as he continues to be a vital participant in our community and the healthcare industry. Knox has left us in the perfect position to recruit the next leader. He will always be a member of the Inova family.”

Asked about his time at Inova, Singleton said the most satisfying accomplishment was the shift Inova made from simply treating those who are ill to conducting cutting edge research into how the new science of genomics and precision medicine is actually applied to new treatments and prevention. “The new Applied Research Institutes in Cancer,Cardiac Care, Neurosciences and Women’s and Children’s services are all up and running under exceptional clinical and administrative leadership,” Singleton said. “At some point, a CEO needs to take stock of what kind of leader is required to achieve the next chapter of our vision. After 35 years, I want to pass the baton to the kind of innovative, inspirational leader who will take Inova from national to global prominence in being the Future of Health.” Further, Singleton noted “Inova is, at its heart, about providing excellent care to everyone in our community regardless of their ability to pay. Our hospitals are simply outstanding and make world class precision medicine accessible to everyone in the communities where our hospitals are located. The implementation of our strategic plan will take a number of years to execute and will require a commitment of time only a new leader can make. Now is the right time to recruit the next generation of leadership to take Inova further into the future of medicine.”

Singleton was responsible for spearheading a number of important collaborations with universities to be located on the Inova Center for Personalized Health. During his tenure, a partnership was created with the University of Virginia to establish a regional campus of the university and nine research projects focused on predicting, preventing and treating cancer and other diseases. The Inova Mason Proteomics Center at the Center for Personalized Health was established in partnership with George Mason University. Several Shenandoah University health profession education programs will be located in the Center.

Numerous organizations have recognized Singleton for his leadership and contributions to the region. He was named CEO of the Year in 2015 by the Washington Business Journal and received the Virginia Governor’s award in 2004. He received the distinguished Regent’s Award from the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) in 2000 and is a recipient of the 1993 Community Care Award for Health from the Northern Virginia Community Foundation. In 1990, he was named Citizen of the Year by the Washington Post.

Virginia Hospital Healthcare Association President and CEO Sean T. Connaughton released the following statement today:

“The Virginia Hospital Healthcare Association commends J. Knox Singleton on an incredibly distinguished health care career and congratulates him on his coming retirement. For years, Knox has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Virginia based Inova Health System, which he joined in 1983. During his tenure, the not for profit Inova has grown from a coalition of hospitals to a dynamic health system that provides an array of inpatient and outpatient specialized care services, performs cutting edge medical research, and serves as a public health and economic cornerstone in the region. As a longtime Northern Virginia resident, I witnessed firsthand Knox’s role in helping Northern Virginia grow and evolve into a vibrant and bustling region. In addition to being a shining light in the health care community, Knox has set an example as a servant leader who donates his time to charitable and humanitarian causes. Over his career, Knox has earned professional accolades and awards signifying his stature as a health care luminary. As he approaches retirement, VHHA is proud to recognize J. Knox Singleton for his many contributions to the Commonwealth of Virginia.”
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men dr martens Indian Restaurant in Oldham Road

cuisine select cuisine select cuisine Being an avid fan of Indian food (eating it at least once a week) we have tried numerous establishments of indian cuisine and this is definitely our favourite over a 20 year period. Everyone has their own favourite place probably depending on their favourite dish and perhaps some balance that with the cost of the meal. However the quality of the food here is excellent, not only the culmination of the flavours, but if you don t like cheap meat then this is the place for you. The management are very attentive without being obtrusive and it amazes us how they appear to remember all those who make a repeat visit,
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or perhaps its simply that people keep going back. The overall atmosphere is designed to put one at ease and comfort. We moved over a year ago, but even though we are 25 miles away, we still can t resist going back for more. EXCELLENT.
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SEO tools, search engine tools and webmaster tools

Welcome to Self SEO. The idea of this website is to combine various SEO tools, internet tools and webmaster tools in one place and help webmasters to build a successfull website. In addition to that, you will find some webmaster articles here with great internet related tips and tricks. We hope you will find this resource useful and if so, please support our website and place a link to us. Enjoy your stay.

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Website graphics definitely play a major role in marketing your website and are therefore, a very efficient and effective way of boosting your sales. It is very likely that your graphics give the potential customer their first impression of your site and it is very important that a consistent overall image of your site is created. The quality and positioning of the graphics contained in your website are essential for it to look both attractive and professional. If all else fails in your website .

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where can i buy dr martens Industrial Handhelds Maintain Niche in LTL Despite Ubiquity of Consumer Mobile Devices

The immense popularity of Android and Apple smartphones and tablets has led many truckload carriers to deploy mobile applications that drivers can run on those consumer devices.

The less than truckload world, however, is another matter.

Major LTL carriers said industrial handhelds offer critical advantages to their drivers, including their ruggedized construction and longer battery life.

Three years ago, drivers for all four major divisions of YRC Worldwide were using an Intermec handheld that had a keyboard and ran on a Windows operating system.

Today, YRC Freight, the company’s national LTL operating unit, is using a Panasonic Toughpad, a ruggedized handheld that runs on Android.

The company’s three regional carriers Reddaway, New Penn and Holland are using a rugged Honeywell handheld that also runs on Android. Honeywell acquired Intermec in 2013.

“We knew we needed an industrial device,” said Jason Ringgenberg, chief information officer for YRC Worldwide. “It’s really the ruggedness. Dropping is probably the single greatest hazard. The consumer devices are just not going to hold up.”

Even though YRC may have chosen industrial handhelds over consumer devices, Ringgenberg said the industry is “reaping huge rewards because of the smartphone wave.” The volume of consumer devices sold is bringing component prices down and fostering advancements in software, he said.

“New industrial handhelds are thinner and lighter,” Ringgenberg said. “They have bigger screens, and they don’t have mechanical keyboards. The flash memory is less expensive. The chipsets are faster. The screens are brighter.”

The list of technological advances goes on, including better form factors, batteries that last longer, far better 4G LTE coverage, far better speeds on those networks and falling data prices.

“None of this would have been possible without the millions and millions of people each year who carry smartphones in their pockets,” Ringgenberg said. “This is all because of the consumer revolution in mobile devices. It’s been a huge benefit for our industry.”

YRC, which is based in Overland Park, Kan., ranks No. 5 on the Transport Topics Top 100 list of the largest for hire carriers in North America.

Drivers for ArcBest also use a ruggedized industrial handheld, said Michael Newcity, senior vice president and chief innovation officer of ArcBest Corp. and president of ArcBest Technologies, an ArcBest subsidiary.

“Our drivers are using the Zebra TC75,” he said. “In our environment, these devices are exposed to extreme elements such as heat, cold, vibration, dust, moisture and physical wear.”

Zebra Technologies acquired Motorola Solutions’ handhelds business in 2014.

Fort Smith, Ark. based ArcBest, the parent of ABF Freight, ranks No. 12 on the for hire TT100.

In addition to their ability to withstand the demands of rough handling and harsh environments, industrial handhelds offer an assortment of features not found in the typical consumer device.

The primary device used by UPS Inc. drivers for small package pickup and delivery operations is made by Honeywell and is known as the Delivery Information Acquisition Device, or DIAD.

The DIAD V, the handheld’s fifth version, was chosen for its “device ruggedness, high grade imager for scanning performance, extended battery life and multi SIM capabilities for communication redundancy,” said John Brelesky, director of global package mobility solutions for UPS.

The Honeywell industrial handheld used by FedEx Freight also offers dual SIM cards, which makes it possible to switch from one cellular network to another, said Sean Healy, senior vice president of strategic planning and engineering at FedEx Freight.

This feature offers a big advantage in terms of being able to maximize access and keep drivers connected anywhere along their routes, he said.

UPS and FedEx Corp. rank Nos. 1 and 2, respectively, on the for hire TT100.

Brelesky sees the markets for consumer devices and industrial handhelds converging because of the demand for a single device that does it all. Such a device will leverage web based services, turn by turn navigation, integration with internet of things devices, voice capabilities and more, he said.

Even though the purchase price for consumer devices may be lower, the total cost of ownership for industrial handhelds is often better, ArcBest’s Newcity said.

“The difference in total cost of ownership between an industrial and a consumer device is minimal, and therefore isn’t a major factor in our decision,” he said. “In fact, our estimates show the consumer device will be slightly costlier compared to the life of an industrial product.”

Representatives from Honeywell, Zebra and Panasonic also emphasized battery life, bar code scanning and the ability to replace batteries easily as reasons that companies would choose industrial handhelds over consumer devices.

“Enterprise devices have more powerful batteries, which extends the working day of a device before it will need to be recharged,” said Justine Clark, transport and logistics marketing manager for Honeywell.

If a battery does run down, it can be quickly and easily replaced, which is a “key factor for industrial handhelds,” she said. For consumer devices, “this is often an extremely difficult task especially in the field.”
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dr martens sizing involved shooting in north Wichita

Officers responded to a report of domestic violence in the 1300 block of North Wellington Place. Chief Gordon Ramsay said the 29 year old suspect, later identified as Jose Ortiz, was armed with a knife and holding his 42 year old girlfriend against her will.

Officers were unsuccessful in contacting Ortiz by phone, and they called SWAT and negotiators to the scene about 45 minutes after arriving on scene.

“A Wichita police sergeant and three officers made entry into the home via the front door, concerned that the female was being physically harmed,” Chief Ramsay said.

As they officers entered, they saw Ortiz tightly holding his girlfriend in the dining room, Ramsay said. Her hands were tied behind her back, and Ortiz was holding a knife to her side.

“The victim also arched her back and screamed, and one officer in particular felt that she was being stabbed and fired one round.”

Ortiz was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The victim was treated at the scene.

Also in the home at the time were two women, ages 46 and 25, a 17 year old boy and four children, ages 11, 10, 9 and three.

“Keep in mind that the Wichita Police Department holds the sanctity of life in high regard, and our ultimate goal is to never take a life,” Chief Ramsay said. “But in this situation, obviously it was very dynamic and fluid, and , you know, it’s a sad situation.”

Ramsay said he has met with Ortiz’s family and that he is sorry for their loss.

Ramsay showed still photos from an officer’s body camera that show Ortiz behind the victim, holding her in the dining room. One photo shows her hands tied behind her back with a black cord.

Witnesses told police Ortiz may have been high on meth.

The officer who shot the suspect is an 18 year veteran of the force. Monday to a report of domestic violence with a weapon in the 1300 block of North Wellington Place, near 13th and Waco. Deputy Chief Gavin Seiler said someone in the front yard of a home told police that a suspect and a victim were in the house.

“He had a knife. As the officers approached the house, (the suspect) made statements that he would hurt the individual,” Seiler said.

Officers eventually made entry into the home and attempted to assist the victim, a female.

“A shot was fired, and the suspect in the case has been transported to St. Francis Medical Center in critical condition.”

The suspect’s sister told KAKE’s Lily Wu that was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Sister says man shot by WPD has passed away. Her main question is: why did police shoot a man without a gun? Police say suspect had knife.

The victim was treated at the scene for non life threatening injuries.

Seiler would not comment on the relationship between the suspect and the victim. No names were released.
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dr martens steel toe shoes Inquiry helps shed light on mixed

One day these Turks just disappeared from Sumter, he said, and he is trying to find out if any were buried in a graveyard at Bethesda Baptist Church in Sumter.This topic has always been of interest to me because the Shepherd/Chavis family started with black blood, then mixed with white blood and, after that, Indian blood. They were located mainly in the Franklin area.Like most Tri Isolates, some looked white, some black and others Indian. As a youngster visiting family in Franklin, I recall my ancestors living in their own little community. Denied by the Indian side, they were recognized by the white Shepherds.My granddaddy Lloyd Chavis married into a Davis family in the Cullowhee/Sylva area. This side of the family started with a slave, Harriett Rogers, and her nine or 10 children fathered by several slave owners.One of those children was my great great grandfather Silas Rogers, who fathered my grandfather Thomas.Thomas was a mix of white and black blood. Thomas’ wife, Lena Kemp, was born and raised in Transylvania County (known as Indian Territory). This combination produced ancestors who classified themselves as mulatto, black, white or Indian.Through the years, while doing family research, I came across terms such as Griffey, referring to people of black and white ancestry. I even found the term Griffey used to describe folks with mixed black and American Indian blood.White and Indian mixes were sometimes referred to as half breed. For the most part, Tri Isolates are a mixture of white, black and Indian.After visiting numerous websites dealing with Tri Isolates, I found many definitions, interpretations and histories of these people. Regardless of slight differences, Tri Isolates and Biracials existed hundreds of years ago, as well as today.They usually stayed among themselves and worked the land as farmers.Suddenly, I remembered that more than 30 years ago, a friend sent me a paper done by Edward Price of Los Angeles State College titled “A Geographic Analysis of White Negro Indian Racial Mixtures in Eastern United States.” It was published in the June 1953 edition of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.After a few hours of searching, I was able to locate this paper and reassess the data.In this paper, Price identifies mixed blood populations along the East Coast of the United States.I am not going into detail regarding the various mixtures. Instead, I am going to supply the location and makeup of some of the larger mixed blood strains presented in Price’s paper. I also will use information from other sources used to describe these mixed race groups.I will use the terms Indian and Negro, as used in this paper, rather than Native American and Black/African American because those were the terms used when these studies were done.The Croatan Indians of North Carolina were concentrated in the Robeson County area. Over a period of time, the Croatans became a mixture of Indian, white and Negro blood. The Croatans were small farmers engaged in growing cotton, tobacco and corn in the western part of Robeson County. The names Locklear and Oxendine covered nearly a third of the Croatans.Melungeons are Tri Isolates with black, white or Indian blood who migrated from western Virginia and the frontier of North Carolina before settling in the mountains of eastern Tennessee.Redbones of Louisiana had a French background and were a free people of color mixed with white blood. The term Redbone suggests Indian blood, and the status of Redbones suggest a mixture of Negro blood. Cajans of Alabama were located on the west bank of the lower Tombigbee and Mobile rivers. Tradition and appearance suggest that these Cajans are not entirely white, black or Indian but constitute a tri racial community somewhat reproductively isolated and inbred. Some of the prominent names were Weaver, Reed and Byrd.Issues (a term applied to Negroes freed before the Civil War) were located at the eastern foot of the Blue Ridge near Amherst County, Va. Little is known about their history.Wesorts of Maryland were thought to be mixed race descendants of Piscataway Indians, with white and black ancestry. Some of the common surnames among the Wesorts are Proctor, Newman, Savoy, Queen, Butler, Thompson and Swann.Jackson Whites of New York and New Jersey was the only group of the North whose members were willing to throw in their lot with the Negroes, though they didn’t classify themselves with that population. Also known as the Rampo Mountain People, they rejected the name Jackson Whites.Among smaller groups of mixed bloods, Price mentions 19 groups of mixed blooded people identified on the Coastal Plain of South Carolina. Typically they lived somewhat apart from other groups in rural settings.The groups may have formed around the small lowland Indian tribes picking up both white and Negro blood. Group names included were Brass Ankles, Redbones, Redlegs, Buckheads and Turks.In Surry, Stokes, and Rockingham counties in North Carolina, as well as Patrick County, Va., Goins was the chief surname among a scattering of mixed bloods. I found it interesting that many of the mixed bloods were at one time or another classified as Negro but mixed little with other Negroes.
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hot pink dr martens Indian Restaurant in Rusholme

cuisine select cuisine select cuisine It doesn’t look much from the outside but this a fabulous little gem of a restaurant,
dr martens 1461 classic black patent flat shoes Indian Restaurant in Rusholme
one of our favourites on the ‘curry mile’. If you are looking for the authentic tastes of India this is the place to go. It’s without doubt the closest you will get the true tastes of the Punjab in Manchester. Indian businessmen visiting Manchester often tend to get directed to this restaurant.

Reviews such as: “Like Indian home made food”,
dr martens 1461 classic black patent flat shoes Indian Restaurant in Rusholme
and “never found these tastes in the UK before” confirm that this is the real deal. It’s definitely one of the top five Indian restaurants in the Manchester area with a lively atmosphere and superb staff. But it tends to fill up early so it’s advisable to book in advance. Definitely worth the 3 mile trip to Rusholme for this one.