doc martens 1460 England centre Ben Te’o ready to reap the benefits of stint Down Under

Although permitted by England and Worcester to recover on the other side of the world, Te’o had to fund the trip himself and believes the thousands outlaid is money well spent as he targets a start against Italy on Sunday week.

Jonathan Joseph will rival Ben Te’o for a starting berth (Paul Harding/PA)

“When you get injuries there is not just the physical side but the mental side as well. To come back really, really motivated and refreshed is a big plus.

“I needed some nice firm surfaces to run on. The weather was another factor and just getting right away.

“I’ve done stuff like this before and I’ve always found it does pay me back eventually.

“Sometimes when you’re rehabilitating at a club, there are other players too and you need to fit in. There it was all tailored towards me.

“I’ve had a really good run with injuries and sometimes it’s just your time. You cop an injury, go away, reassess, get the hunger back and focus on the body.

“I’m good to go against Italy, if selected. I’ll be ready. The ankle’s feeling really good.”

Te’o is competing with Jonathan Joseph for the outside centre berth at the Stadio Olimpico in what would be his first England appearance since last year’s Grand Slam showdown with Ireland.

The British and Irish Lions centre has forged his reputation on powerful ball carrying and intelligent lines, but he lost 2kgs in Australia in the belief it would benefit his game.

“It doesn’t sound like a lot but when you’ve been training hard for a long time at a certain weight, to drop that two is quite hard,” Te’o said.

“I tidied up the diet. I cut out sugars and dropped the portion sizes. I tried some of those pre made meals and they really helped.

“When you’re 30 years of age you want to make sure you’re looking after your body and get the most out of your sport.

“Being a little bit lighter is going to be good for getting around the field. The game is getting real fast now so if you can get a bit fitter and stronger in the collisions it will be a help.”
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vonda doc martens Eric Wagner Selected AlexandriaNews

For more than two decades he served on the Alexandria Planning Commission, involved in overseeing the development of Potomac Yard, Eisenhower East, the Base Realignment and Closure Commission development at Mark Center, Landmark Mall planning, Waterfront planning and more. Wagner the 2017 Alexandrian of the Year. “That is not an easy task. We purposefully do not choose those who are paid for their endeavors, no matter how worthy the cause or how superlatively they perform their job. We also do not choose active politicians or appointed officials. Eric exemplifies the citizen volunteer someone who often performs behind the scenes without a lot of public glory. Our Board is pleased to honor him as 2017 Alexandrian of the Year.”

Wagner is executive vice president of Insurance and Diversified Operations for MedStar Health. In this role, Wagner has executive oversight for many of MedStar Health’s non hospital businesses, including MedStar Family Choice, MedStar Medicare Choice, MedStar Visiting Nurse Association and other home care businesses, and MedStar Ambulatory Services. He also has executive responsibility for systemwide government affairs and managed care activities. Previously, Wagner served as senior vice president of Managed Care.

Prior to joining MedStar Health, Wagner was with the healthcare strategy and consulting practice of Ernst Young and other consulting firms. He has more than 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry in operations, strategy, development, and finance. He has published several books, chapters and articles on managed care evaluation, development, negotiations and provider compensation.

Wagner has been an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University, where he taught courses on healthcare policy and administration. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Maryland Hospital Association, where he also serves as chairman of the MHA Political Action Committee. He has also served on the board of directors of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

Wagner holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He received his master’s degree in business administration with specializations in health administration and finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he was the recipient of the Bachmeyer Award for Academic Excellence.

Wagner moved to Alexandria in 1987. “My wife and I settled in Del Ray and wanted to get involved in the community so we attended a meeting of the Del Ray Citizens Association,” Wagner said. “They were looking for people to serve on the Land Use Committee and I volunteered, even though that is not my area of expertise.”

The rest, as they say, is history. “As a member of the Land Use Committee, I got involved in trying to stop the Washington Redskins from building their new stadium at Potomac Yard,” Wagner said. “I worked closely with Vola Lawson, Jim Moran, Kerry Donley and others on this effort. When there was a vacancy on the Planning Commission, I was encouraged to apply and was appointed. At the time, I had no idea I would serve as a member of the Commission for 22 years.”

Eric Wagner talks about his involvement in Alexandria (Photo: Katie Smythe)

Wagner served on the Planning Commission from 1993 to 2015. Patent and Trademark Office as the cornerstone of development in Eisenhower East; adopted Small Area Plans for Landmark/Van Dorn, Eisenhower West, Arlandria, Mt. Vernon Avenue, the Waterfront and more.

“There really isn’t a neighborhood in Alexandria that we didn’t impact during that time,
dr martens size chart Eric Wagner Selected AlexandriaNews
” Wagner said.

Former Mayor Kerry Donley has known Wagner for many years. “Eric has worked tirelessly on the Planning Commission for many years and often without fanfare,” Donelly said. “His decisions and the decisions of the Commission under his leadership have led to an improved City and a livable Alexandria. We should be grateful to Eric for his planned and executed the development of the controversial Washington Headquarters Services campus at Mark Center; service to Alexandria over the years and his imprint on the City is evident today and will be felt for many years to come.”

Many Planning Commissions decisions were difficult and controversial. “After we successfully stopped the stadium from coming to Potomac Yard, we had to work with the property owners to develop a plan that would meet their needs and the needs of our community,” Wagner said. “I worked closely with the original owners to develop a strategy that was a compromise between what the owner wanted and what the community wanted. City Council ultimately went in a different direction but that’s the way the land use process works.”

Councilman Paul Smedberg has known Wagner since the Del Ray days. “I first became aware of Eric’s work when he served as Chair of the Del Ray Land Use Committee and his early years on the Planning Commission and one thing that always impressed me about Eric was his strategic, thoughtful approach to issues.” Smedberg said. His focus on the long term benefits and implications of development and redevelopment projects have made Alexandria a better place to live and work.”

Many of the plans in which Wagner was involved are ongoing. “The Landmark Mall redevelopment has been particularly challenging,” Wagner said. “First, the property had three owners and that is hard enough but these owners genuinely didn’t get along and that made negotiations even more difficult. When Bill Euille was mayor, he went to Chicago to meet with the parties and because I was there on business, he asked me to join them. I hope that now Howard Hughes Corporation has managed to consolidate the property, something good will happen there.”

Euille worked closely with Wagner on many of the major developments. “I have had the opportunity to work with Eric for more than 15 years, during my tenure as a Member of City Council and as Mayor,” Euille said. “I found him to be an outstanding community servant, dedicated, responsible, knowledgeable and passionate, with outstanding leadership qualities. His love and desires for a better City has always been his badge of honor, and he is most deserving of this honor.”

Alexandrians are often passionate about land use issues. “In many ways, Alexandria is a small town but it is located in a very urban area,” Wagner said. “As a member of the Planning Commission, I knew that our decisions were not going to please everyone. My goal was always to make sure that everyone who had something to say was heard.”

One of those land use decisions resulted in an ongoing court battle. In 2014, the Planning Commission and City Council voted to allow La Bergerie to move to 329 N. Washington Street, to expand the restaurant and operate a small inn on the premises. Nearby neighbors took the matter to Alexandria Circuit Court where Council’s decision was upheld. The neighbors appealed the matter to the Virginia Supreme Court where a Writ Panel unanimously declined to hear the matter. Neighbors have asked the Virginia Supreme Court for a hearing before all of the justices and the Court has yet to rule on that request.

“While anyone has the right to take any decision to court, the appellants have lost at every juncture,” Wager said. “I was deposed for hours because when Patsy Ticer was mayor, she voted to appoint me to the Planning Commission and she is the mother of one of the owners of La Bergerie. For some reason, the appellants tried to say that her vote impacted a decision I made 20 years later. That’s absurd.”

Joint City Schools Facility Investment Task Force meeting (courtesy photo)

Nearly two years after Wagner left the Planning Commission, he was called on to volunteer once again in Alexandria. In June 2017, Alexandria City Manager Mark Jinks appointed Wagner to serve on the Ad Hoc JointCity Schools Facility Investment Task Force. Council approved the appointment of the Task Force after the Alexandria City School Board “reprioritized” more than 80% of their Capital Improvement Program budget in FY2017.

“I agreed to serve on the Task Force because I thought I could be of assistance and because it is important that the City and ACPS work together to ensure that we use our resources in the most effective and efficient manner,” Wagner said. “While we all understand that once Council appropriates money to ACPS, the School Board can use it as they see fit, it is important that the two elected bodies work closely together and spend money the way they tell the public they are going to spend it.

“While there are no absolute guarantees, I believe that if the Capital Project Council the Task Force is recommending is appointed, it will help. The Council will be comprised of the City Manager, the ACPS Superintendent and members of their staff. They will discuss projects as they move along and will identify areas of concern before there is a crisis,” Wagner said.

The Task Force will present its final report to City Council and the School Board tomorrow night.

Will Wagner agree to serve on another Alexandria Board or Commission? “Not one like the Planning Commission,” he said. “However, if I am needed to serve on a short term group like the Task Force and I think I can be of help,
dr martens size chart Eric Wagner Selected AlexandriaNews
I will.”

pascal dr martens Emphasizing the need for education

“This is something that they can do that they’re going to have to work a little bit harder, they’re going to have to manage their time well,” said Coleman. “They really can do it, that I did it, I did it part time, I did it full time.”

Like Coleman, Catherine Shamion felt compelled to help others pursuing their education.

“When I first became superintendent there were a few female superintendents,
dr marten safety boots Emphasizing the need for education
now you see a lot,” said Shamion. “Some of the best mentors I’ve had have been some of the other women superintendents.”

She will retire in June 2018 and hopes young girls will pursue their own goals.

“I don’t know if today’s kids see the gender role as much as somebody growing up in, I grew up in the 60s, graduated from high school in the 70s, there were distinct gender differences in terms of power and things like that,” said Shamion. “I don’t know that little girls today see the same picture I did when I was a little girl, you know,
dr marten safety boots Emphasizing the need for education
I think it’s changed.”

dr martens carnaby Europe Aimed to Optimize Sales at the Territory Level with Focus on the General Aviation Industry

According to Belzer the formation of Inter Europe Consulting, a multi national firm with principals in Bend, London, England and Prague, Czech Republic is to focus on revenue and earnings optimization, utilizing their expertise (that includes Marcia Schoelen and Bruce Cady, both of Bend) in marketing and distribution to assist companies in getting the most out of their products.

market focus will be in two areas where we possess extensive experience general aviation and information technology, explained Belzer.

is our belief based upon extensive experience in field sales and in the management of worldwide distribution channels that many companies fail to optimize sales at the territory level. This is an especially difficult task in general aviation where volumes are low and prices are high. Establishing effective territories can be a tricky proposition and evaluating the performance of those to whom territories are assigned more difficult yet. But nothing can hurt revenue production more than having ineffective territories and the lack of capability to make changes. We are confident that our experience and research can provide a significant return on investment to our clients. sales, then establishing the company’s international distribution network and, finally, taking on worldwide responsibility as vice president, sales. A veteran of 17 successful years in the field sales organizations of NYSE listed companies, he spent 10 years as a sales/marketing executive with information technology (IT) companies prior to joining Columbia Aircraft.

Based in London, Mike Pearce’s career has focused on aviation. At age 16, he was awarded a Royal Air Force flying scholarship, obtained his pilot’s license and became an RAF officer. He founded several aviation companies, selling one and taking another public. As the CEO of Air Touring, Ltd.,
black doc martens boots Europe Aimed to Optimize Sales at the Territory Level with Focus on the General Aviation Industry
an aircraft sales and service entity, he expanded the company’s reach with the acquisition of an EADS subsidiary in Germany and the development of a joint venture with the Royal Group in Abu Dhabi. aerospace industry.

Marcia Schoelen of Bend has spent over 20 years orchestrating marketing plans from strategic planning through the execution stage, with brand stewardship as a key focus. Initially managing teams in Hollywood to produce national commercials for bi coastal companies and later transitioning to roles as production director, director and vice president of operations for design, marketing and advertising agencies, Schoelen became the focal point for the account and creative teams to produce integrated marketing campaigns for international clients such as Nike, Dr. Martens, and Daimler.

Skilled at integrating technology into the marketing mix, she led the push on the speaking circuit for interactive development since 1995 for marketing firms seeking to offer digital platforms in addition to traditional channels and later as vice president of operations for a tech start up that provided creative programming solutions for marketing companies.

A critical aspect in maximizing general aviation aircraft sales is the ability to secure financing for customers. Bruce Cady of Bend was the creator of Cirrus Finance which has been highly successful in reducing order cancellations and improving sales for Cirrus Aircraft. Cady duplicated these efforts at several other airplane companies and has been uniquely able to establish financing for new aircraft which have yet to establish their residual value. Led by Rob Harlow who has spent over 35 years in IT, a majority of that time specializing in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, they utilize an extensive database of distributors, system integrators and resellers. principals located in Bucharest, Romania and Sofia, Bulgaria in addition to Prague, we establish and manage optimal channels for our clients within EMEA and our experience throughout Eastern Europe is unmatched, offers Belzer. North America and the Pacific Rim, we offer our clients our extensive experience in the establishment and management of successful distribution channels.

course, a critical component in maximizing product revenue is effective marketing,
black doc martens boots Europe Aimed to Optimize Sales at the Territory Level with Focus on the General Aviation Industry
especially today where a wide variety of electronic options exist. But the question still exists of whether content is delivering a message that resonates with the target audience and brand identity. We provide our clients with an experienced eye toward optimizing content when their own staff may be too close to the subject matter to experience what their prospects are encountering.

buy doc martens English Restaurant in City Centre

cuisine select cuisine select cuisine Our review:

When we heard that new hotel City Inn had poached head chef David Gale from Selfridges to run their restaurant, we couldn t wait to review City Caf .

City Caf is a classy restaurant sat in the back corner of a hotel lobby. It certainly looks attractive; cream floor to ceiling curtains break up a room full of pastel green armchairs and tables covered in white linen. The overall effect is sophisticated, but there isn t enough separation between lobby and restaurant, leaving you feeling a little exposed. This makes for a slightly uncomfortable atmosphere, and we noticed many of our fellow diners eating in silence or speaking in hushed tones.

David Gale has obviously taken care over the menu. There are, in fact, three menus the A La Carte, the Garden Menu (for vegetarians) and the Kitchen Menu (which offers a set menu at a more reasonable price). The emphasis is on English and European cuisine, with locally sourced ingredients taking pride of place and the odd twist to keep things interesting.

Despite how promising the dishes sounded, the execution was not always spot on. The Cumbrian ham and celeriac starter was good, with the delicate slices of ham proving a salty and intense contrast to the crunchy, creamy vegetable. However, the accompanying watermelon and lemongrass shooter was bland and brought nothing to the dish. Worse still was the veal starter,
dr martens 1460 boot English Restaurant in City Centre
which tasted of nothing at all.

The mains were better as a whole. The panfried tuna was cooked perfectly, and the accompanying garden salad featured some of the most intensely flavoured cherry tomatoes we have come across. The chicken breast and asparagus linguine was fine not interesting, not exciting, but fine nonetheless.

For dessert, we d highly recommend the chocolate fondant. The merest tap of a fork and the cake split apart, letting a thick, dark chocolate sauce ooze across the plate. The summer berry souffl isn t as good a choice; if you want something tart, you would be better with the clean, sharp trio of sorbets.

Overall, City Caf is a good restaurant. The service is excellent and when a dish is successful, it is very good indeed. However, the inconsistent quality of the dishes means that at present the River Room and the French needn t worry until Gale and his team consistently deliver on the promises of the menu, City Caf is no competition.
dr martens 1460 boot English Restaurant in City Centre

dr martens manchester Erin Michelle nee Stewart Leis

LEIS, Dr. Erin Michelle (nee Stewart) Peacefully at home surrounded by her family on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, at the age of 29. Beloved wife of Jerome and loving mother of Emilie. Loving daughter of Christine and Darrel Stewart. Dear sister of Mark, Craig and Blaire. Cherished granddaughter of Wib and Helen Haufe and the late Douglas and Luella Stewart. Erin will be sadly missed by the Leis family, Tim and Anne, Karen (Joel), Marina (Chris), Ben (Marlie) and extended family and friends. Erin was known for her love of animals and practiced Veterinary Medicine as long as she was able. In her years living with brain cancer she continued to share her gifts generously and inspired many with her incredible courage. A memorial service to celebrate Erin’s life will be held at the Toronto United Mennonite Church, 1774 Queen Street East, Toronto on Saturday, March 3,
dr martens cherry red 1460 Erin Michelle nee Stewart Leis
2012 at 3 pm with visitation starting at 1 pm. In lieu of flowers, Erin has asked that donations be made to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, 301 620 Colborne Street, London, Ontario N6B 3R9. 11098961Dear Darell and Christine: Our thoughts and prayers are with you in the loss of your daughter, Erin. May you be strengthened in the memory of your caring support of your family over these past difficult years. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Dear Darrel, Christine family

Posted by Elaine Martens (Friend of Darrel’s from the farm school) On Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Please accept my heartfelt condolences. From Emily Green (friend of Blaire), Geoff and SuePosted by Joe and Kathy Bechard (Friends and Clients) On Monday, March 5, 2012

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. God bless. Leo and Joan ClementPosted by Leo and Joan Clement (Friends) On Sunday, March 4,
dr martens cherry red 1460 Erin Michelle nee Stewart Leis

dr martens serena boot Empresas Opciones Binarias archivos

CFD Society: una herramienta de Opciones que pocos conocen!

Las opciones binarias son un tipo de inversin financiera cuya rentabilidad es todo, o nada. sea, que al invertir en acciones del tipo binarias, solo existen dos resultados posibles, tambin son conocidas como acciones de renta fija.

Invertir en opciones binarias puede resultar en una excelente forma de multiplicar tu dinero sin hacer nada, solo depender del software que decidas implementar, este se encargar de invertir y multiplicar tu dinero por ti.

Si buscas la mejor alternativa para invertir en este lucrativo sistema, puedes optar por CFD Society, hablemos de que se trata y si esta realmente es la mejor alternativa en cuanto a opciones binarias se refiere.

De qu se trata CFD Society?

Es un software inteligente, creado para personas comunes que poco entienden de las opciones binarias, este sistema cuenta con un algoritmo auto inteligente que nunca deja de aprender y nutrirse de la base de datos de inversiones histrica, para as mejorar constantemente su desempeo.

Hace 5 aos, el primer equipo de CFD Society comenz a invertir en opciones binarias, probando el software que hoy en da tiene xito a nivel mundial. En poco tiempo, su expansin ha sido inminente y cada uno de los miembros activos genera unos 17 mil dlares semanales.

Suena imposible, pero si conoces un poco mas sobre lo que puede hacer y lograr este software por ti, podrs entender la razn de su xito.

Cmo funciona este software?

SFD Society trabaja con un sistema automtico que no requiere ningn tipo de experiencia previa para ser utilizado, ideal para el inversionista novato que quiere optimizar su inversin.

Este sistema te asegura el aumentar tu oportunidad de recoger grandes ganancias, invirtiendo en opciones binarias.

Pasos a seguir para usarCFD Society

Si buscas aumentar tus ganancias invirtiendo en algo que genere un ingreso extra sin tener que trabajar, entonces puedes optar por CFD Society. Los pasos que debes seguir son los siguientes:

Paso 1: llena el formulario para poder tener acceso y descargar el software, toda la informacin que subministres ser encriptado, de manera que ser imposible compartirla con terceros

Paso 2: despus de haber llenado el formulario, crearas tu usuario certificado y de esta manera tendrs acceso de manera gratuita a la descarga al software de SFD Society.

Paso 3: cuando ya hayas entrado al software y ests listo para comenzar a navegar y conocer el mismo, accede tu usuario previamente registrado al sistema.

Paso 4: ya estando dentro del Software, con tu usuario registrado y conectado, entonces puedes comenzar a negociar.

Cmo estar seguros de que CFD Society no es una estafa?

El internet es una plataforma mundial en la cual puedes toparte con estafas de casi cualquier tipo, por esta razn es muy normal desconfiar en un software de opciones binarias que se caracteriza por ser de acceso gratuito.

Pero todos los indicativos de que CFD Society no es una estafa, y que por el contrario, se trata de un sistema profesional de opciones binarias, estn a la vista y no necesita de mucho anlisis.

Cuando comienzas a navegar por este software, puedes monitorear todos los movimientos e inversiones que hace por ti.

Puedes acceder a tus ganancias al momento que lo desees, recuerda que con el sistema de opciones binarias, las ganancias son casi inmediatas y muy aceleradas.

Por otro lado, los testimonios y comentarios de las personas que ya han multiplicado sus ganancias en poco tiempo, afirman la transparencia y legalidad de este software.

Cules son las ventajas y desventajas de CFD Society?

Es importante conocer con detalle los beneficios y ventajas que ofrece CFD Society, ya que de esta manera es posible evaluarlo objetivamente.

Ventajas y beneficios de utilizar CFD Society.

Es un software que ha sido simplificado al mximo, de esta manera puede ser fcilmente entendido y aplicado.

El software te ofrece una gua completa y especficamente diseada por los mas existosos inversionistas, quienes decidieron fusionarse y crear un sistema de inversin altamente rentable.

No necesitas estar sentado en tu computadora mientras inviertes, solo necesitas configurar la cantidad de dinero para invertir y oprimir el botn de activado, el software se encargar del resto.
doc marten heels Empresas Opciones Binarias archivos

dr marten sandal evacuation send people running from PDX

KOIN 6 News Staff PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) People fled Portland International Airport on Friday night after airport police attempted to arrest an individual with a warrant who struggled with police and reached for an officer’s gun, the Port of Portland confirmed.

Alexander F. Plata, 25, was arrested Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 after he allegedly resisted arrested and attempted to grab an officer’s gun. (MCSO) Alexander F. Plata, 25, was arrested Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 after he allegedly resisted arrested and attempted to grab an officer’s gun.

Joshua Frank was outside of arrivals with his wife at the time, waiting to be picked up by his in laws. Then, he said, a big storm of people came out of the doors.

“It kind of almost looked like a stampede,” Frank said.

Frank said an officer told him and others to get to the parking garage. He also said the officer told him someone had allegedly taken a firearm from a police officer. He called the situation “frantic.”

“It seemed top be a little bit of chaos, and of course in our day and age, anything like that can spark a lot of anxiety in people,” Frank said. “Fortunately it seemed like everything was taken care of pretty quickly.”

An additional announcement was made minutes later indicating that there was no emergency and the airport was clear.

The Port of Portland said the person later identified as 25 year old Alexander F. Plata reached for an officer’s gun, but never actually touched it. The Port of Portland said no one was injured and Plata is now in custody.

Plata had a misdemeanor warrant out of Marion County. After Friday’s incident, he is also charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.
doc martens for women evacuation send people running from PDX

doc marten brogue Enterprise coordinators to help schools and colleges

SECONDARY schools and colleges across Herefordshire will be given greater access to senior business leaders who can support in the delivery of careers, work, and enterprise education with the announcement that three dedicated Enterprise Coordinators have been recruited for the region.

Part of a national programme that is supported by the Careers and Enterprise Company, the role of the Enterprise Coordinators will be focused on recruiting senior figures from within the local business community who will work, voluntarily, with schools and colleges to develop and enhance their business engagement plans.

The coordinators, all of whom have in depth experience of the careers sector, will provide the business leaders, to be known as ‘Enterprise Advisers’, with high quality training,
doc martens office Enterprise coordinators to help schools and colleges
introductions to schools and colleges, and extensive on going support.

“There are many highly experienced people out there who possess a wealth of invaluable business knowledge and the role of our three new coordinators will make it possible for those experts to develop meaningful relationships with schools and colleges and provide them with relevant advice and guidance, as well as access to work experience opportunities.”

Taking up the roles are Karen Banks in Herefordshire, Shelley Robinson in Shropshire and Kim Hodgetts in Telford Wrekin.

Speaking of her appointment, Karen said: “Having worked previously in both the Job Centre and then as Work Experience Coordinator for Herefordshire Council, I feel well placed to take on the role of Enterprise Coordinator.

“I have plenty of experience liaising with both employers and schools and the contacts I have built up should enable me to facilitate new relationships between the two.

“Indeed, it is seeing the students benefit from these partnerships which I find most rewarding and I am very much looking forward to bringing more business leaders and young people together.”

Gill Hamer, Director of the Marches LEP, added: “The experience that the Enterprise Coordinators will bring to their roles will be invaluable and will mean that very soon, many more young people across the whole Marches region will be benefitting from meaningful interactions with business leaders.”
doc martens office Enterprise coordinators to help schools and colleges

doc martens wollaston Ernst named executive assistant to the president

Morehead State University has announced that Dr. John P. Ernst has been named executive assistant to the president. He will assume his new duties on June 4.

“I am pleased to appoint Dr. Ernst to this position,” said President Wayne D. Andrews. “Because of the key role the executive assistant will play on our team, it is critical that the individual selected has leadership experience and an understanding of the entire University. Dr. Ernst is highly respected not only here at MSU but throughout the community.”

Dr. Ernst will oversee a variety of activities in the Office of the President, act as a point of contact for both internal and external constituencies on matters pertaining to the Office of the President, and assist and represent the president in communicating with constituents. He will research, prioritize, and follow up on multiple issues and concerns addressed to the president, including those of a sensitive and/or confidential nature and manage a variety of special projects for the president. The executive assistant will coordinate and institutionalize the planning function such as the strategic plan and institutional goals.

“I am excited about this new challenge, and it will be a challenge. When the President and I discussed the position, I told him I would help in any way I could,” said Dr. Ernst.

“When I read the job description, I realized he had taken me up on the offer,” he said with a laugh. “But on a serious note, I am anxious to use my experience in the classroom, as well as the conference room, to contribute in a different way to the lives of those we serve. For me, it’s all about our students.”

Dr. Ernst had been chair of the Department of History, Philosophy, Religion and Legal Studies since November 2010 and prior to that, he served as the department’s interim chair since March 2008.

A Louisville native,
doc martens work boots Ernst named executive assistant to the president
Dr. Ernst first came to Morehead State in 1994 as a fixed term instructor of history after serving three years on the staff of the “Kentucky Encyclopedia” with Dr. John Kleber, a Morehead State historian.

According to Dr. Ernst, he first visited the MSU campus in 1993, and immediately felt “at home.”

He earned his doctoral degree from the University of Kentucky, where he worked with Dr. George C. Herring, the leading Vietnam War scholar in America.

Dr. David L. Anderson.

In 2007, Dr. Yvonne Baldwin and Dr. Ernst published “The Not So Silent Minority: Louisville’s Antiwar Movement, 1966 1975” in “The Journal of Southern History.” The article is part of a book project, “Bless This Stone, This Rock: Kentuckians and the Vietnam War,” with a future publication date.

Dr. Ernst is a collaborator with Crane House, The Asia Institute, on “Moving Voices From Vietnam,” an oral history exhibit and book project examining Louisville’s Vietnamese American community. He also has served as a consultant for a number of projects, including the Virtual Vietnam Archive at the Texas Tech University Vietnam Center. Recently, he advised the Kentucky Historical Society on the development of a play, “Theater of War: Unresolved Conflict of Vietnam.”

His love of teaching was recognized in 2001 when he was the recipient of the Master Teacher Award given by the Interfraternity Council, National Pan Hellenic Conference and National Panhellenic Council, and in 2004 was presented the Student Government Association’s Flying High Award. As an involved member of the Morehead community, Dr. Ernst has coached t ball and baseball.
doc martens work boots Ernst named executive assistant to the president