doc martens style ‘New’ Ruiz training with Siaca Sr

2 rated challenger Ruslan “White Tyson” Chagaev (21 0 1, 17 KOs) in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Ruiz Chagaev winner will be the mandatory challenger for WBA heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev. The WBA 1 rated Ruiz promises fans will see a new and improved version against Chagaev. “I’m learning new things from Manny,” Ruiz said. “I’m gradually moving into a new mode. I had leveled off. It hasn’t been since my stepfather trained me that I learned new boxing techniques and skills. I feel really good knowing that when I step in the ring I am bringing a different set of skills and a better mindset. Now I’m working with Manny to get away from being the old me. I’m not going to be lying back, waiting for the other guy, and just swinging away. We’re working on a new training method where I am now throwing punches and moving, not holding and waiting. But what’s really important, is that instead of talking about being the new me, I’m going to show everybody on November 18.”

Universum middleweight and former world champion Felix Sturm (25 2 0, 11 KO) will now have his first fight, after losing the World Champions belt, against the Australian Gavin Topp (20 2 2, 4 KO) on December 2 in the German capital of Berlin. A very sad rearrangement for Luan Krasniqi. His injury, which he suffered during training, is the reason for a change in the program. In a training session in preparation for his fight in Berlin read more .
mens dr martens 'New' Ruiz training with Siaca Sr