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El Morro’s fond yesteryears

By Nancy Tarzian March 10, 2006

Considering my age (80 in two weeks), it’s not surprising my memories of the El Morro beach are more detailed than the recent residents who have reveled there for some years. Now, I have nothing against reveling, having done my share in times past. In some of the trailers, the destruction is staggering. Graffiti covers the outside and inside of many of the beachfront homes. The students, teachers and parents at El Morro have already settled into a routine of school,
vintage doc martens Articles about El Morro
homework, field trips and assemblies. Between September and November El Morro enjoys many extra curricular PTA sponsored events. We begin with our Scholastic Book Fair. For an entire week the students can come to the multipurpose room and shop for books to purchase.

By James Pribram January 11, 2008

Driving north on Coast Highway and into the sunset passing by the old El Morro trailer park or driving south, I see a wind textured greenish blue wave peel off the point. One can only think that this stretch of coastline between Laguna and Corona Del Mar must be one of the prettiest along the coast of California. What is sad is that nearly two years have passed since the state evicted the residents of El Morro. A nice beach side community that was one of the last surviving enclaves of the Southern California beach lifestyle has been reduced to nothing more than a cement foundation eyesore of rubble.

By Cindy Frazier October 24, 2008

After nearly 30 years of teaching elementary students, JoAnn Casola still gets a charge out of watching a child ?get it? ? be it reading or math or some other subject. ?I love the look on a child?s face when they understand, and it?s locked into the memory,
vintage doc martens Articles about El Morro
? Casola said. No doubt that?s one reason she has been named Teacher of the Year for the 2008 09 school year by the Laguna Beach Unified School District. Casola will represent the district at the Orange County Department of Education?Young poet’s unexpected praise

A budding poet has bloomed. El Morro fifth grader Noah Hawkins Rosen has been writing poetry since he was in the third grade, but this summer, his poem, ?Inauguration,? will be published in the Harvard Educational Review. ?I?ve only written a few poems, and up to now I have been really bad at poetry,? 12 year old Noah said. The ceremony was held outside with some of the new buildings and improvements showcased to the left and behind the stage where the dedication was held. An arch of blue balloons acting as a doorway to its center highlighted the stage.
vintage doc martens Articles about El Morro