dr martens sandal arrested for murder of Paige Birgfeld

The Sheriff’s Office has always classified the investigation as ‘active and ongoing’ despite criticism from Paige’s father that the agency wasn’t doing everything they could to make an arrest in the case.

Now, the Mesa County Detention Center is where Lester Ralph Jones will be calling home, at least until his bond is set. Newly elected Sheriff Matt Lewis says while the investigation,
dr martens dress arrested for murder of Paige Birgfeld
forensic testing and interview process to rule out other suspects was time consuming this arrest is an important step in the process to bring justice to Paige Birgfeld and her family. While the question of who is being charged with Paige Birgfeld’s murder has been answered, how she died is still unknown to everyone except Paige’s killer, “The person who killed Paige Birgfeld does know how she died we know that she was injured we know that there were injuries present but we may never know that,
dr martens dress arrested for murder of Paige Birgfeld
” Lewis said during a media conference announcing the arrest.

Someone else who had a reaction to the arrest is Executive Director of Colorado Department of Public Safety and former Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey who has been on the case since day one. While he knows the District Attorney’s office has a lot of work ahead of them, he says he’s happy about this step in the right direction, he told us in a phone interview,
dr martens dress arrested for murder of Paige Birgfeld
“I’m going to be cautious there’s a lot of hard work left to do to get to trial and get a conviction but I’ve always been optimistic that the day would come I’m glad to see it.”

Jones’s former attorney Colleen Scissors represented him when he was named as a person of interest in the murder. She says the suspect’s family reached out to her Friday morning to touch base but she won’t be representing him moving forward. Scissors says there was a lack of evidence against Jones years ago and doesn’t believe anything has changed.

Matt Lewis says there are many reasons why the finger is being pointed at Jones. He was a client at the escort service Birgfeld worked for and was familiar with her.

Lester Ralph Jones, 63, of Grand Junction,
dr martens dress arrested for murder of Paige Birgfeld
was arrested by deputies and investigators with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Friday morning, after a warrant was signed for his arrest.

Lester R. Jones is being charged with:

Murder in the 1st degree, a class 1 felonyMurder in the 2nd degree,
dr martens dress arrested for murder of Paige Birgfeld
a class 2 felony2nd degree kidnapping, a class 4 felony2nd degree arson, a class 4 felony