dr martens 3 eyelet Dedicated officers awarded for service

The Toowoomba District Awards Presentation acknowledged officers for diligent service, as well as the length of time with the Queensland Police Service.

Senior sergeant John Harland was presented with the second clasp on his National Medal, for 35 years service.

Snr Sgt Harland, who is the regional forensic services coordinator,
ladies dr martens shoes Dedicated officers awarded for service
said forensics was a field that had moved ahead leaps and bounds in his time as an officer.

“I really think with forensic work it’s about when you get a result at the end of the day.

“You see the other side, the victim’s side and the offender’s side.

“We’re unbiased; we can prove innocence as well as guilt.”

Assistant Commissioner Paul Wilson and Snr Constable Susan Forte. Dave Noonan

Senior Constable Susan Forte was also presented with an Assistant Commissioner’s Certificate for her investigation into the physical and sexual torture of a 13 year old girl.

The citation read that Snr Const Forte conducted a “dedicated, tenacious” investigation into the harrowing crime,
ladies dr martens shoes Dedicated officers awarded for service
and that her commitment and attention to detail ensured that justice prevailed.

Two offenders were sentenced to life imprisonment for the offences in December 2011.

Assistant Commissioner of the Southern Region Paul Wilson said he was proud to present the awards to the officers in his last public appearance before moving to a training role in Brisbane.

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