discount doc martens uk Deadly Flu Outbreak Continues To Cause Concerns

We talked to Mid South pediatricians who say every flu case is different. Although it nearly impossible to predict how a patient will handle the flu, there are some things you can do to help protect your child and the community.

“For a healthy child, it very, very hard to predict who gonna be getting worse, says Dr. Manoj Narayanan with the Narayanan Pediatric Clinic.

Doctors Narayanan and Vaghela have been pediatricians for more than a combined 60 years. The doctors at Narayanan Pediatric Clinic in Southaven, Mississippi, say they seen a big increase in the number of young flu patients. But thankfully, no patients have needed to be hospitalized.

Both pediatricians firmly believe in vaccinations, including the flu shot.

“You less likely to get serious complications and less rate of hospitalizations if you had the flu vaccine,
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and spreading it in the community, says Dr. Vaghela.

Dr. Narayanan says children with underlying illnesses or poor health are more likely to have complications from the flu. But every patient is different. Healthy adults and children have died from the flu.

Doctors recommend you stay up to date on all vaccinations, stay informed and alert about the flu. If something isn right, see a doctor immediately.

“Even though the flu vaccine may be only 20 30% effective, the experts still recommend it because mitigates your illness basically, says Dr. Narayanan. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
ladies dr martens shoes Deadly Flu Outbreak Continues To Cause Concerns