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on Saturday, June 22, and Sunday, June 23.

The Iowa Barn Foundation focuses on barns close up during its annual tours in different areas of Iowa. This year’s coordinators are Ron McBroom, Ginnie Hargis, Bill Krause, Jack Van Laar, Judy Partridge, and Dianne Oswald.

A picnic will be held Sunday noon at the historic Ron McBroom Ginnie Hargis Barn, 1218 Highway 169, Winterset (Madison County) Barn is five miles south of I 80 (Adel, De Soto, Winterset exit). (For reservations, mail a check for $9 to Ron McBroom and Ginnie Hargis, 1218 Highway 169, Winterset, 50273. If you have questions, call Ron McBroom and Ginnie Hargis, 515 834 2026.

Miller Barn 2107 120th St., Winterset. Take the Highway 169 exit off I 80. Gojive miles south to 120th Street. Turn right (west) and drive 0.75 miles.

Gabled barn was built in the teens or twenties. Has center hay storage from ground to roof.

Martens Barns 2091 120th St., Winterset. Next door (west) to Miller barns. Peters who settled the property in 1868. Fred Martens’ grandfather purchased the farm in 1915. Ron McBroom, a tour coordinator, generously donated time and hard work toward the restoration of this barn, after learning that it was vulnerable, because he thought it should be preserved. The north barn was the cattle barn and crib; the south barn was used for horses. A manure bucket system runs on an S curve track around the basement of this barn. At some time, an old homesteader’s claim shack was moved between the two barns for additional storage. (Martensdale is named for the family.)

Wilson Barn 1217 Highway 169, Winterset. Travel five miles south of I 80 on Highway 169. Barn is on right side of highway next to big white house.

Pegged horse barn was built around 1883. Barn is full floored with limestone foundation.

Draman Barn 1939 Highway 169, Winterset. Travel about 13 miles south from I 80 on Highway 169. On west side of the highway (about one mile north of Winterset/Highway 92).

This small stone barn, probably built in the mid to late 1870, is a jewel in the center of Iowa. The barn has a gabled roof and was a cow barn. It is on the National Historic Register.

Smith Barn 2797 Pioneer Ave., Peru. Travel through downtown Winterset and keep heading south on Clark Tower Road (also called Old Highway 169 and P71) for 6 miles. Turn left on Peru Road and drive 3.3 miles to Pioneer Avenue.

Turn left (north) and go to the corner of Peru Road and Pioneer Avenue.

Pegged barn was built around 1920. Bark still remains on some of the interior lumber.

Blake Barn 2155 Benson Street. Weldon. Take Exit 29 off I 35 (south of Osceola). Go east for 1.5 miles to Highway 69. Turn right (south) onto Highway 69 and go 4 miles to Benson St (CR H50). and turn right (west) for 1.5 miles.

This 33 foot by 39 foot barn actually sits on Benson Street, which crosses over I 35. Interestingly, the barn is highly visible from I 35. The barn was built in 1902, has a gambrel roof, and a stairway to the loft.

West Barn 2239 Clarke Decatur St. Weldon. Take Exit 29 off1 35 (south of Osceola). Go east for 1.5 miles to Highway 69. Turn right (south) on Highway 69 and drive for about 5 miles to Clarke Decatur Street (Weldon corner). Turn right and drive for 1.5 miles. Or from the Blake barn, go back to Highway 69, turn right (south) and travel 1 more mile. Take another right onto Clarke Decatur Street (CR J12) and drive for 1.5 miles.

In a nostalgic hidden comer of Clarke County is this 30 boot by 60 foot pegged barn. Barn is unusual in that it has a large hay mow door on each end of the barn. 69 (Northwest Church Street) and Iowa Highway 2), proceed 3 miles north. The house is on the east side ofthe highway with the barn behind it.

Unusual and important barn was built in 1905 by Aaron Goodman to house farm horses. Half pie slice shaped stalls lined the perimeter of the barn. Paul and Terri Vaughn purchased the farm in 1990 from Aaron Goodman’s children. The barn is featured in the Lowell Soike book, “Without Right Angles.”

Shetland Pony Farm 21588 Pony Farm Road, Leon. From Leon, go 3.5 miles east on Iowa Highway 2. Turn south on Pony Farm Road (CR R58) and travel 1.5 miles.

The barn, built after the tum of the century, was created with redwood from the Northwest. During the 1950s, the barn, built in the 1930s, became the center of activity for a renowned Shetland pony operation. Ponies were sold to various catalogs including Spiegel and possibly Sears. The owner was a Leon native from Chicago who had the name Cowpuncher.

Ross Farm 24977 327th Ave., Lineville (Woodland). Fromfourway stop in Leon, travel east on Iowa Highway 2 for 8 miles to Woodland Road (CR R69). Turn south on Woodland Road and travel five miles to Woodland Church. Turn east for a halfmile to the Rossfarm.

This farm is referred to as on “the old Bedford Ross place.” Bedford Ross bred, raised and exhibited American Saddlebreds, Percherons, and a Belgian, all of which he had stallions he stood at stud. He also had a Hackney Shetland pony stud. He kept horses and worked them on the farm until seven or eight years before he died in 1998. The barn was built in the 1930s. Farm is owned by Gabe Adair, who is from an “old” area family.

Old Iowa State Farm (Hullinger Farm) 30107 County Road J66. Go east on Iowa Highway 2 from Leon two miles to Lineville Road (CR R52) and turn south.

Go approximately 16 miles to Highway J66. Turn right (west) on J66 and go 3.5 miles to barn.

This barn, built about 1940, is on a historic farm. Forest Service. This was during the Depression, and that same year the Land Policy Section of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration was transferred to the Land Utilization Division of the Resettlement Administration where emphasis was on developing jobs for men who were certified on relief. After World War II, the farm became a USDA research site. Much of the research at the farm at that time was directed by Dr. Hazel, distinguished Iowa State University animal science professor. In 1955, the farm’s title was transferred to the Iowa State University Agriculture Experiment Station. The farm was sold by the Board of Regents in 1969.
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