doc martens size 8 Dealing with Victoria Martens tragedy

Victoria Martens’ murder suspect.

Community shocked after gruesome. (KRQE) Albuquerque police officers call it the worst thing they’ve ever seen.

“It just devastated all of us and then I think, ‘what about the people that were there, who saw it, those first responders?'” Valerie Jameson, with the group ‘Stand True 4 Blue,’ said.

“What these gentlemen and women saw, no human being should ever have to see,” said officer Tanner Tixier of the Albuquerque Police Department.

So how does one deal with that?

“What happens with immediate aftermath is we do try to reach out to them directly,” said Dr. Nils Rosenbaum, a behavioral science psychologist with APD.

“We encourage them to reach out to their friends, their family,
dr martens size 9 Dealing with Victoria Martens tragedy
their colleagues, because those are the things that are most healing,” Dr. Rosenbaum explained.

Counselors and therapists with the behavioral science unit make themselves available to officers in crisis. Counseling is available all hours of the day.

As everyone grapples with grief, one group reached out to those first responders on Friday.

“Just reminding them that they’re loved and appreciated,” Jameson said.

The group Stand True 4 Blue rallied citizens to spread words of encouragement across the northwest Albuquerque police substation, just down the road from Victoria’s home.

Dr. Rosenbaum said putting anger into positive action is a good thing.

“We’re human beings and we’re gonna be affected by this,” said Dr. Rosenbaum.

The group who gathered to decorate the northwest substation hopes to be a sweet reminder for officers and first responders going into work that even during the darkest days, there is still good and people who care.

“They deal with so many evil acts, and so many heart wrenching things throughout the day,” said Jameson. “We hope that these signs bring joy and just remind them they’re loved.”

Albuquerque police said they’ve recently set up a peer counseling support system, so officers can turn to one another when dealing with situations like this.
dr martens size 9 Dealing with Victoria Martens tragedy