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cuisine select cuisine select cuisine Didsbury does money very, very well, with plenty of high end high street chains nestling up to each other along the high street. Caf Rouge, Slug and Lettuce and M Food all do a roaring trade with the swish young professionals. But if you re looking for something with a touch more soul, step off Wilmslow Road and onto Barlow Moor Road instead. Barely ten paces from the chain driven centre is, quite simply, the best tea shop in South Manchester.

The Art Of Tea rescues a little old English tearoom from the recycling, gives it a walloping great dose of San Francisco boho vibes, decorates it with dark green walls, art posters and local artists daubings, sticks tables out the front and a record shop cum bookshop out the back and then sits down with a huge chunk of homemade cake.

The food is fairly priced, decently sized and very tasty. There is a good range of sandwiches our favourite being the Lancashire cheese, caramelised carrot and baby spinach on rye for 3.50 as well as salads, dips, smoothies and soup. The cakes are wonky and definitely homemade, but also very moist and moreish. Try the carrot cake at 1.80 and you ll see what we mean.

The bookshop in the back room is also very much worth a try. You re likely to find travel guides nestled up against Proust, towering piles of books on every surface and a charmingly eccentric man with twinkly eyes and a grey beard sat in the middle of it all.

All in all, this is probably our favourite caf in Manchester, and definitely in South Manchester. Next time you re in Didsbury and feeling peckish, give it a try you will be glad you did.

Update: Art of Tea is now open evenings with a new evening menu, alcohol sales and is also available for private hire.

What’s all the fuss about? People rave about this ‘bohemian spot’ in Didsbury and often pack it out; it’s a complete mystery to me.

It’s a dingy, scruffy, grubby little joint with haphazard service that arrives eventually. And don’t go when it’s busy: you’ll have to dance on the spot in a non existent space waiting for a table to come free.

I’m aware this won’t be the most popular point of view, and if you want to go in, get your head down to chat and drink tea for an hour or so then it really is the place for you you won’t be disturbed. So there, as Ken Robinson would say!

Nice place, Art of Tea. After seeing an interesting spicy lamb dish on the menu my friend and I decided to try it. Admittedly it was quite tasty however the size of the portions were like something out of a doll’s house. They’d obviously almost ran out of this ‘special’ and made it really special by stretching a half portion to serve 2 people. We’d paid 11 each in advance, the manager wasn’t around so there was nobody to complain to and the overworked staff must have warmed up this treat in a microwave and took a chance on getting away with it. We had to go buy a takeaway when we left we were so hungry. Well they certainly got our money but we’ll never eat there again of course, never recommend the food and we’ll be sure to tell all our friends in person and on social media. The tea’s OK though.

I went here last year (2013) and did have the greatest time and never went back until last week. Went in the evening with a friend and really enjoyed. Went back alone a couple of nights ago and just had some tea and sat doing some work. It was really chilled, the music was not too loud so I was able to work without being distracted. The guy (I think he was the owner) was really relaxed friendly. There’s not loads of options on the menu if, like me, you don’t eat meat dairy but there are a few standard bits olives, hummus etc. If it had a couple more vegan options then I’d give it 9/10 but nonetheless I’ll definitely be going far more regularly.

I was looking forward to visiting this establishment and was bitterly disappointed. Don t call a place the art of tea and then serve your customers with a crappy tea bag in a coffee mug! Where is the china teapot, the range of quality loose leaf tea? The range available extends to what twining supplies. Seeing as a tea place would stand out among the numerous coffee chains, a little attention to detail would make the place special. Tea is celebrated all over the world, the range available incredible. Why not actually serve proper tea in proper china?
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