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Dr. David Elashoff is a Professor of Medicine and Biostatistics at UCLA and Director of the Department of Medicine Statistics Core. He serves as Leader for the Biostatistics, Study Design and Clinical Data Management Program (BSD CDM) for the UCLA CTSI. His main areas of statistical research are in developing statistical methods for the analysis of high throughput genomic and proteomic data. He has extensive collaborative experience on a variety of basic science, clinical research and clinical trials projects, including those with members of the School of Dentistry, Department of Medicine, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC), School of Nursing, and investigators at their partner institutions. As an investigator on the BSD CDM, he collaborates with program leaders to implement the CTSI wide network of biostatistics consulting services and develop joint research in genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and clinical correlates. His collaborations with the Boston University CTSA have led to new funding this year from the NCI Early Detection Research Network Biomarker Discovery Laboratory Grant, identifying and validating early detection lung cancer biomarkers. He will continue to collaborate with CTSI investigators in both general statistics and in microarray and other genomic analysis. The Laryngoscope. 2013; 123(5): 1149 55.

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7(7): e40677.