dr martens carnaby Europe Aimed to Optimize Sales at the Territory Level with Focus on the General Aviation Industry

According to Belzer the formation of Inter Europe Consulting, a multi national firm with principals in Bend, London, England and Prague, Czech Republic is to focus on revenue and earnings optimization, utilizing their expertise (that includes Marcia Schoelen and Bruce Cady, both of Bend) in marketing and distribution to assist companies in getting the most out of their products.

market focus will be in two areas where we possess extensive experience general aviation and information technology, explained Belzer.

is our belief based upon extensive experience in field sales and in the management of worldwide distribution channels that many companies fail to optimize sales at the territory level. This is an especially difficult task in general aviation where volumes are low and prices are high. Establishing effective territories can be a tricky proposition and evaluating the performance of those to whom territories are assigned more difficult yet. But nothing can hurt revenue production more than having ineffective territories and the lack of capability to make changes. We are confident that our experience and research can provide a significant return on investment to our clients. sales, then establishing the company’s international distribution network and, finally, taking on worldwide responsibility as vice president, sales. A veteran of 17 successful years in the field sales organizations of NYSE listed companies, he spent 10 years as a sales/marketing executive with information technology (IT) companies prior to joining Columbia Aircraft.

Based in London, Mike Pearce’s career has focused on aviation. At age 16, he was awarded a Royal Air Force flying scholarship, obtained his pilot’s license and became an RAF officer. He founded several aviation companies, selling one and taking another public. As the CEO of Air Touring, Ltd.,
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an aircraft sales and service entity, he expanded the company’s reach with the acquisition of an EADS subsidiary in Germany and the development of a joint venture with the Royal Group in Abu Dhabi. aerospace industry.

Marcia Schoelen of Bend has spent over 20 years orchestrating marketing plans from strategic planning through the execution stage, with brand stewardship as a key focus. Initially managing teams in Hollywood to produce national commercials for bi coastal companies and later transitioning to roles as production director, director and vice president of operations for design, marketing and advertising agencies, Schoelen became the focal point for the account and creative teams to produce integrated marketing campaigns for international clients such as Nike, Dr. Martens, and Daimler.

Skilled at integrating technology into the marketing mix, she led the push on the speaking circuit for interactive development since 1995 for marketing firms seeking to offer digital platforms in addition to traditional channels and later as vice president of operations for a tech start up that provided creative programming solutions for marketing companies.

A critical aspect in maximizing general aviation aircraft sales is the ability to secure financing for customers. Bruce Cady of Bend was the creator of Cirrus Finance which has been highly successful in reducing order cancellations and improving sales for Cirrus Aircraft. Cady duplicated these efforts at several other airplane companies and has been uniquely able to establish financing for new aircraft which have yet to establish their residual value. Led by Rob Harlow who has spent over 35 years in IT, a majority of that time specializing in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, they utilize an extensive database of distributors, system integrators and resellers. principals located in Bucharest, Romania and Sofia, Bulgaria in addition to Prague, we establish and manage optimal channels for our clients within EMEA and our experience throughout Eastern Europe is unmatched, offers Belzer. North America and the Pacific Rim, we offer our clients our extensive experience in the establishment and management of successful distribution channels.

course, a critical component in maximizing product revenue is effective marketing,
black doc martens boots Europe Aimed to Optimize Sales at the Territory Level with Focus on the General Aviation Industry
especially today where a wide variety of electronic options exist. But the question still exists of whether content is delivering a message that resonates with the target audience and brand identity. We provide our clients with an experienced eye toward optimizing content when their own staff may be too close to the subject matter to experience what their prospects are encountering.