doc marten safety boots Cold opens door and draws in donations

For the first time, The Yo Mobile team kept the bus on overnight.

They made the choice Friday night, when it was simply too cold to send people back outside.

there nothing else open, said Dany Thrones, one of the volunteers who runs the bus. was pissed off. You got all these churches and all these other organizations, but nobody is opening their doors when it 40, 45 outside. until midnight. Friday. That night, 139 people rotated through eight benches, warming up and having something to eat.

weather was terrible, you could have died out there, said Thrones.

The volunteer said three people chose to spend the night in the bus.

had people literally stay on the bus all night last night, until 6 o this morning. We had three gentlemen that left at 6 o this morning. Living Space doors not yet open, the homeless have few options, he said. The hospital mental health unit, a jail cell, a 24 hour fast food restaurant or an abandoned building are their options.

seen people sit in the banks, where the ATMs are, until the OPP show up or Timmins Police, Thrones said. break into abandoned houses, but in all reality, they just trying to survive. a regular night, when the doors eventually close, sending people away is hard, he said.

kills us, because we love to run 24/7 every day of the week, including the weekend. But there not enough money. We have to pay for insurance, we have to pay for gas. We pay for the pizzas we serve on Saturdays, we pay for the sandwiches.

the money was there, like a constant amount coming in, we could probably be open 24/7. has seen many people struggling.

had one gentleman walk on the bus last night, he couldn walk anymore. He was out of breath, his entire face was red as a tomato, he was having a hard time breathing. It took us about half an hour to get him warmed up, fed, everything, and he stayed on here for at least a couple hours.

have people come on here with no jackets, no toques, no mitts. They freezing. It a struggle.

not going to kick people off the bus in this weather. spoke to The Daily Press from the bus, where a steady stream of knocks on the door announced another person bringing in donations. A social media call for help has the bus storage cracking at the seams.

Thrones said he grateful, but what The Yo Mobile really needs now is gas and grocery gift cards, or cold hard cash.

love the donations, and it hard to tell people no, he said, gesturing to piles of donated food and warm clothing. rely on the public to make the bus full of donations, because if it wasn for the people and the donations, there would be no bus. We wouldn have lasted seven years.
doc martens black boots Cold opens door and draws in donations