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I can hear you saying, “But Bo, I’m an Employee!”

And you’re right. You may be an Employee in a bankor a call centeror the corner bakery down the street. But your entire world is changing. Even if you’re working for someone else, you still have to think like an Entrepreneur. They never set one foot on the Promised Land.

Instead of complaining, take charge!

God made you responsible for your career.

Unless you take responsibility, nothing happens.

Times Are Changing Adapt Or Die

My Dad worked for the old San Miguel Corporation for 37 years.

During his prehistoric era, companies were large benevolent, loyal, doting families. The Owner was like Papa and all his employees were his kids for life. And people coasted along.

Let me give you an example. When Dad retired at the age of 65 as Assistant Vice President, the company gave him 100% health benefits until his dying breath. Can you imagine? Until he died at the age of 88, San Miguel paid for all of his medicines and hospital bills which totaled to millions.

Question: Do you think San Miguel still does that sort of thing?

No way. They threw that policy away in the 80’s. In fact, no other company does that anymore.

I’m not pontificating or telling you what is right or wrong. I’m merely describing to you the very different world that you and I are living in today.

You live in a world where companies hire contractuals every 6 months and replace them again with a new batch. (I repeat. I’m not saying it’s right. I personally don’t like it. But that’s just how the world is operating right now.)

You live in a world where companies are shrinking via outsourcing. Your entire department can be axed tomorrow and the work given to companies in China or India or Davao or Cebu.

You live in a world where companies are bought or merged with other companies the way your sister changes her shoes. Every time it happens, you get (1) bumped up, (2) bumped down, or unfortunately, (3) bumped out.

In other words, you’re living in a world where only Entrepreneurs survive.

Like An Employee or An Entrepreneur?

Find out if you think like an Employee or an Entrepreneur.

If you think like an Entrepreneur, you just don’t understand what you do.

You understand why you do what you do.

Even if you’re just a messenger. You’re thinking of how to increase profits and lower down costs. You’re thinking of how to wow the customer and keep him for life.

Here are three examples of Employee Thinking:

“My salary is so small, its just enough for my daily transportation and lunch! I’ve been stuck in my position since Lapu Lapu killed Magellan.”
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