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JUST JUNK Fort Saskatchewan locally removes you used and unwanted junk as well as those items that aren junky yet. From your old furniture, appliances and more, the team of local removers makes quick and easy work of your household or workplace cleanups.

Began in 2004, CEO Mike Thorne left a high paying corporate job because he saw a need. We are consumers, and in any consumer culture like our own we can tend to over consume and collect things. We think poorly of throwing things out, and that why our service is all about repurposing. If we can, every JUST JUNK team avoids the landfill and prefers the ease of donation and local recycling services.

Why us? What separates us from the big guys in Fort Saskatchewan? are professionalizing the junk removal business,
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says Thorne, go way beyond just having up front rates, uniformed staff and clean trucks, we ensure all employees where boot covers, demonstrate good old fashioned manners and are sensitive to the requests of every customer.

We understand that sometimes those things you need to get rid of are held tightly to you or your loved ones because of long time sentimental attachments. We get it, we all had those books you swear you read again or your grandparent hand me downs that you can imagine getting rid of continue to collect year after year. On top of the attachments, we busy. So you may have totes of old junk taking up the crawl space that you swore you get rid of a month ago.
black patent dr martens boots Fort Saskatchewan Record