dr martens children Samantha Sam Read

Have kids/want kids? Eventually when the time is right

What would we find in your closet? Tons and tons of heels, my favorite LeBron sneakers, clothes, and a sneaker box full of pictures with my best memories.

Other Jobs you hold/have held that would be good for a potential FOF: I am currently a coordinator at NBC Boston ( WHDH). Previously I was working as a production assistant at SportsNet New York, and completing free lance work for NJ Sports Media, where I shot,
tartan doc martens Samantha Sam Read
and edited highlight tapes, documentaries and short videos

Hobbies: Love to go to the beach, draw flowers, check the news, hang out with friends, shop,
tartan doc martens Samantha Sam Read
getting Coffee Bean with my cousin, anything outside I am totally up for!

Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds

Favorite good causes: American Cancer Society, Partners Program, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Favorite hangout? Where? Why? Misquamicut Beach Westerly RI, it is so beautiful,
tartan doc martens Samantha Sam Read
and peaceful, I love to have fun in the sun with my friends and get a nice tan.

Favorite restaurant? Where? Why? Pizza Place, Westerly RI. There chopped Pasta Salad is the bomb.

Favorite book(s): Anything Nicholas Sparks, Heaven is For Real.

Best Brush with Greatness Story: Being chosen top 5 for this competition, as well as competing in the WPRI Competition.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Pay off my student loans,
tartan doc martens Samantha Sam Read
Donate to amazing causes, take my family and friends on a huge trip, buy my dad a boat and purchase crazy foreign car preferably a purple Lamborghini.

Something People would be surprised to know about you: I am a sports junkie, I was an honored Lacrosse player, I am from the smallest state in the country (most people don expect that). My middle name is Kelcy which stands for K (my moms first initial) EL ( First two letter of my grandmother on my moms side), CY ( last two letters of my Nana name on my dads side).
tartan doc martens Samantha Sam Read