dr martens triumph 1914 same good eats at Eet Gud Bakery in Hamilton JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN

called the realtor who was my cousin went in and looked at it, looked at the details, talked to Donna, the owner, and started thinking about it, she said. just closed a week ago Friday, and we be opening up some time this week.

By the way, the Destribats referred to is Donna Gorish, the third generation owner of Eet Gud, which was opened in 1928 by her grandfather. Gorish grew up on the property and has been working at the bakery since she was 14. She about to become a grandmother for the first time her daughter lives in Tennessee and, according to Destribats, was ready to pass the business on. It was time. And there was no family here to continue the job.

been doing it all since she was 14, Destribats said. making cookies to doing repairs, she literally done everything. She ready for a break. Destribats said Donna and the rest of the longtime staff will continue on with the jobs.

just jumping in, Destribats said. is staying on, her bakers and staff are staying on, everybody staying.

But there will be a few improvements.

has done a phenomenal job by herself continuing the bakery and working as hard as she has, Destribats said. there were just things she didn have the time to do. For instance, there was no website, no Facebook, really nothing technology wise. And we also going to bring the deli back and have coffee service. We going to re light the sign and things are a little brighter on the inside. But the product and the people? Exactly the same. He much like the bakery was a Hamilton fixture. He opened his law firm there in 1972 and was the Chairman of the Board of Yardville National Bank for nearly two decades. He was also a member of too many boards and clubs to list.

And despite his passing in 2015, Destribats still called on her dad to help her make the Eet Gud decision.

As a result, Destribats isn even planning a opening celebration; to her, it just a continuation of what Donna Gorish grandfather started in 1928.
dr martens navy same good eats at Eet Gud Bakery in Hamilton JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN