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Wolfzorn, Eugene Edward and Mary Ann, individuals and trustees, to Charles S. and Janette L. Binkkowski, Unit 7126, Phase 1, Tallywood Condominium, $92,000.

Herman, F. Donald and Nancy Ann, trustees, to Edward W. and Barbara J. Thompson, Unit 11, Pahse III, Villa La Grand, Condominium, $110,000.

McKillop, Patricia, to John B. and Denise R. McKesson, Lot 17490 17494, South Venice, Unit 65, $159,900.

Wesling, Eugene E. and Catherine E., to Thomas M. Poaps, Lot 1809, Sarasota Springs, Unit 15, $109,000.

Lee Wetherington Homes Inc. to Soordal and Shanthi Prakash, Lot 115, Huntington Pointe, Unit 2, $239,900.

Chown, Thomas A. and Barbara A., to Anthony C. and Janine Limoncelli, Portion of Section 27, Township 40s, Range 19e, $450,000.

Sheehan, James G., and Mounce, Howard Lee,
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to Barry F. Spivey, and Tami F. Conetta, Lot 7, Beneva Woods Subdivision, $275,000.

Steele, Jeffrey Lynn and Philippa A., to Troy J. and Paula I. Ockerman, Lot 28, Amberlea, $372,500.

Joyce, Dawn M., and Olson, Lynn, to June L. Levi, Lot 43, Center Gate Woods, Unit 1, $179,900.

Horton, Mark Elliott and Laura J., to Bruce E. and Stacy A. Trudelle, Lot 573, Lake Sarasota, Unit 7, $127,000.

Westfield Homes of Florida Inc. to Peter Wolff, trustee, Lot 12, Block D, Villa Rosa, Unit 1, Subdivision, $221,900.

Snyder, Larry D. and Melynda B., to Robert L. Beller, Lot 884, Lake Sarasota, Unit 10, $106,900.

Lee Wetherington Homes Inc. to Sara E. Rambo, Lot 25, Emerald Woods at Oaks III, Phase 2, Subdivision,
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Medallion Homes Gulf Coast Inc. to Jon P. and Ann L. Nathan, Lot 61, Palmer Glen, Phase 1, $280,600.

Kronschnabl, George and Elfriede, to John P. Lolli, Unit 16, Village Lake, Condominium, $106,000.

Merz, Max S. Jr., to Richard A. and Martha Kammire Gerrity, Unit 53, Phase I, Village Gardens Condominium, $90,000.

Disseldorf, Alaine and Christiane and Jeanne, and Badot, Bernard and Danielle, and Michel, Patrick and Philippe and Dominique and Robert, to Michael and Nancy Layton, trustees, Unit 218, The Plaza Gardens, Condominium, $76,000.

Zepelak, Stanley L., to Evelyn M. Butler, Unit 203, The Terrace East Condominium, $220,000.

Laekwood Ranch Corporate Park Inc. to Center For Faith and Freedom Inc., Lot 10, Lakewood Ranch Corporate Park, Unit 2, Phase II, $135,900.

King, Arlene P. and Linda C., to Danny and Lenka Hochmann,
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Lots 1, 3, Block 19, Flora Villa, $116,500.

Paul, Thomas D. and Lisa A., to Majid F. and Anwar Ajib, Lot 26, Block E, Clark Meadows, $118,500.

Dewitz, Nancy M., to Michele L. Gagen, Unit 911, Forest Pines, Section 9, Condominium, $107,000.

Newland, Barbara A., to Greider and Witmer Associates Inc., Lot 5, Block 13, Tamaron Subdivision, Unit 4, $165,000.

Stocke, Ann Williams, to Mary A. Ames, Lot 23, Bishopscourt at the Oaks Preserve, $400,000.

Peney, William R., to Jill E. Wenning, Lot 264, Pelican Pointe Golf and Country Club, Unit 6, $251,000.

Seaver, Peter R. and Elizabeth M., to Mel P. and Sara P. Melshlimer, Lot 7, Boca Royale, Unit 6,
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Phase 1 A, $130,000.