doc martens style boots Sara Kraber frames her style with bold colors

I came to Cleveland to go to nursing school. I needed a job for six months. I walked into the shop, they hired me and I bought the business after working there for about a year. I liked it, it’s what I grew up doing and I wasn’t really keen on nursing school. My dad was an artist and a framer. My mother would still like me to go to nursing school.

We are custom framers. I’ve owned Wood Trader for 43 years. I bought the business around 1973 for $200 a week for five years. It turned out to be a pretty good buy. It was kind of scary, but I was 21 years old, how scary could it be? Originally the store was on Buckeye Road, then in Little Italy. Then I bought a building at Cedar and Taylor Roads and now we have seven framers. Framing is an art; you don’t want to intrude on the piece or overshadow anything but you also don’t want the frame to be blah.

I think I’m daring. I’m excited to stand out in a crowd. I’m thrilled that nobody looks like me. I’m not saying it’s bad or good. I’m all about color,
doc martens will boot Sara Kraber frames her style with bold colors
especially green and I never wear black, ever. It’s glamorous, but I don’t wear it. I think some of my looks can be goofy. I take it as a compliment when my boyfriend reminds me that not everyone has the kind of nerve I have to wear some looks. I do have some flaws; I tend to make things match. I’m trying not to.

I go to a lot of consignment and vintage stores. I like Cleveland Consignment Shoppe, Revolve Fashion and The Style Loop. I’m frugal, too. I like Nordstrom Rack and Zara. I also go to the sales at Juicy Lucy and I like Amy’s Shoes. I have to buy in person, I have to touch things. I can’t buy online. I love to shop and bringing home shopping bags is a special thing. I shop a lot when we travel.

I had fabulous aunts who were covered in silver bracelets and very stylish. My Aunt Sara was a lamp buyer and went to Europe often. She was wearing Birkenstocks and Dr. Martens boots in the ’50s. They were all very artsy and their houses were full of art and color. I pay attention to color and magazines were my bible.

I’m a big theater goer. We have tickets to everything from the Cleveland Orchestra,
doc martens will boot Sara Kraber frames her style with bold colors
Broadway, Playhouse, Dobama Theatre and Great Lakes. We go because I have a companion who loves the theater as much as I do. We dress up and go out a lot. That’s why I still shop. I don’t dress up for work because I can get pretty dirty. Travel is another interest. We just got back from Norway.

Annie Hall. I dress in menswear a lot.

I love designs by Marni. Otherwise, I hop around a lot. I like pieces from here and there.

Fit, everything has to fit right. You have to be comfortable, too. You don’t want to be tugging at things all day.

Take a chance, it’s not serious,
doc martens will boot Sara Kraber frames her style with bold colors
you’re not buying a kidney. Try something new, but that coat or top. And, work at it. I work at my look all the time and it takes time to shop well.

I go to the gym three days a week. I’ve gone to Chagrin Fitness for 17 years. I’m completely undisciplined, so I go to a trainer. I can’t tell a lie, though, I have very good genetics, I’m very lucky.

I would buy a handmade,
doc martens will boot Sara Kraber frames her style with bold colors
bespoke Black Watch plaid suit in a cashmere blend. I’ve always loved that plaid. I’ve had a few pairs of the pants, but I’ve yet to find a pair that fit right. I would have the pants and jacket made to fit perfectly and I’d have to choose a style that would never go out of style.