dr martens manchester SB 193 problems

SB 193 problemsThe main idea of Senate Bill 193 is getting lost in the dialogue of “parents’ choice.” I don’t think anyone in the state is opposed to the idea of allowing parents to choose how their children are educated. That’s not the point. The point is that state money designated for school districts would now be distributed to parents individually, like a tax refund. I see several problems with this idea.

First, the loss of that money for many school districts may have a negative effect on children. Let’s say that a town has 100 students. If 10 of those students leave the school and take the “savings fund” of $36,000 (each student is allotted $3,600) that’s about an average of a $5,
black shiny doc martens SB 193 problems
000 loss to each grade in a school that has a K 6 population.

Second, while the Supreme Court has argued that parents have the right “to choose the type of education their children receive,” they cannot use public funds for that purpose. SB 193 has changed the original idea of education vouchers for students with special needs to a system that allows money to be used for any purpose deemed “educational.”

Finally, if your children are attending a “better” school across the state, how likely are you to support local taxes to pay for needed upgrades or programs for my children attending the local school? The idea that taxes will decrease because a few students leave the school is not real. The needs of those that are left remain. Where is that money going to come from?
black shiny doc martens SB 193 problems