red patent doc martens Scammers pose as Woodlands insurance company on job website

said, you for your inquiry. We reviewed your r It looks wonderful, however, the position has been filled. We do have an immediate opening for a personal assistant. If you would like to apply for that, please e mail Mr.

However, the real Richard Bunch says the message was not legitimate at all.

a very short period of time, I was getting e mails and phone calls regarding job offers that did not exist, said Bunch, who is founder, president and CEO of The Woodlands Financial Group.

The company has since received around 50 calls from swindled job candidates who tell very similar stories.

In most cases, the fake Richard Bunch claims to be out of the country on business. He conducts interviews via e mail, then sends a contract as part of the job offer. Eventually, the scammer sends a check for the first week of work.

Leah Napoloiello, the senior director of investigative services for the Better Business Bureau, told KHOU 11 News what usually happens next.

with these types of scams, we see sort of an overpayment scam as well. You may be told that you have to take this check, then cash it, then wire the difference back to the employer. A legitimate employer will never ask you to do something like that, she explained.

disappointing, because I know the folks who are looking for jobs are eager to be employed and make a life change. The fact that our company was used in a negative way, and they having negative experiences, is disappointing, Bunch said. its irritating because, we want to have a good name in the community, and we want to be a positive in people lives. Clay noticed the red flags before it was too late. She decided to share her story to prevent others from being duped.

the end of the day, we all want something better for ourselves and for our families. For someone to come along and feed off that in a negative way, it not right, she said.

According to the BBB, look for the following red flags when job hunting online:

Employer claims to be overseasEmployer says they can meet in personOffer seems too good to be trueNapoloiello recommends job candidates check out businesses in person, research companies websites and call companies directly.
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