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If you haven’t been hit by the flu this season, you probably know someone who has. So what can you do to protect yourself? We set out to verify what works and what doesn’t.

WASH YOUR HANDSYou’ve heard this bit since you were a kid, but washing your hands is the No. 1 way for you to stop spreading germs.

GIVE THE SICK PERSON SPACEQuarantine is a strong word, but both our experts agree that it wouldn’t hurt to give the sick person in your family a little space, especially since the CDC says the flu can spread through breath too.

DISINFECT HARD SURFACESThe flu virus can live on hard surfaces, such as doorknobs, faucets and remote controls, for up to 24 hours. Use a disinfectant spray or wipe to kill germs.

“Most basic household cleaners will disinfect a surface from the flu,” says Dr. Patricia Hayes with Legacy Health.

The key here is to let the surface stay wet until it dries on its own. Avoid using a sponge. It’ll just transfer germs to other surfaces if it’s not disinfected properly.

“It would be best to use a disinfectant wipe,” says Dr. Irvin Sulapas with the Baylor College of Medicine.

DON’T SHARE TOWELSBecause the flu virus can live on various surfaces, don’t share hand or bath towels with a sick person. Try using paper towels and disposable cups instead and isolate the sick person’s toothbrush.

USE A LAUNDRY BASKETThe same idea holds for laundry. The virus doesn’t live as long on cloth, but you still don’t need to hug the sick person’s clothes, bedding or towels. Use a laundry basket and wash your hands afterward.

WHAT TO DO WITH TRASHAs waste baskets fill up with tissues, they can spread the flu too, so it’s best to line your trash can with a grocery bag. Empty it once a day, all the while being careful not to touch anything inside.

AIR OUT THE SICK ROOMHow about some fresh air? Go ahead and open up the windows and air out the sick room as often as possible, but maybe don’t go out.

“Fresh air being in an open space with a lot of people is another thing,” says Dr. Sulapas. “That could also be a source of another infections spread.”

GET A FLU SHOTThe most important thing, according to our experts, is to get yourself vaccinated.

“The flu shot is the best thing you can do each year to prevent yourself from getting the flu,” Dr. Hayes says.
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doc martens outfit Prompt payment progress highlighted during CCA spring board meeting

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) task force on prompt payment updated its members on the issue of prompt payment recently during its spring board meeting in St.

Task force chair Ray Bassett reported positive signs from the federal government following several productive discussions.

Since the last CCA board meeting in March, both Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and Defence Construction Canada (DCC) have launched their own prompt payment websites.

The sites explain their “Prompt Payment Principles” and confirm their commitment to certain outcomes. PSPC and DCC are also developing a tool to post on a public website the dates on which they issue payments to their prime contractors on construction contracts above $100,000.

PSPC and DCC have adopted principles advocating for a prompt payment culture in government and within industry participants. These principles will be included in future construction tenders.

“They seem to be taking a leadership role in this issue. That kind of a soft item but I think it is a big win culturally,” said Bassett.

The government agencies have also reviewed their standard contracts for consistency and alignment with CCDC standard documents. PSPC is reviewing internal processes to identify any opportunities for improvement affecting the timing of payment.

The working group will be developing education content around contract terms, service standards, frequent bottlenecks, remedies for delayed payment and payment best practices on federal construction contracts. Training could also be structured with local construction associations for joint delivery with government on how to do business with PSPC and DCC.

“If you are working on federal construction projects, there are lots of levers, avenues and buttons to move things along and I don think everyone is aware of those,” said Bassett.

He also explained they are working on establishing some data on prompt payment by using questionnaires that would ask contractors about their payment experiences. Once a baseline measurement is taken and a few years of data is collected, the industry could begin to see if things are improving.

Bassett said the changes were partially due to pressure from the task force to follow Alberta lead. Last year, Alberta Infrastructure (AI) made four changes to its contracts.

This included publicizing the date of payment so that subcontractors and suppliers will be aware of when the prime contractor was paid. AI has also modified the statutory declaration so that the general contractor must confirm they paid their subcontractors within 10 days of receiving payment from the government.

The CCA is also considering taking a position on Bill S 224, the Canada Prompt Payment Act. The bill requires that federal government project owners make progress payments to a contractor on a monthly basis, or at shorter intervals provided for in a contract, and that the payment requirement is consistent down the contractual chain.

The bill also accounts for milestone payments, when applicable, and permits contractors the right to suspend work, terminate a contract and collect interest on late payment.

The CCA was asked to take a position by Del Pawliuk, president of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada, who wrote a letter to the association.

“We are asking that CCA either support this bill or not. By remaining neutral, CCA, with all due respect, is the waters particularly in the eyes of the federal government,” wrote Pawliuk.

He added the task force joint government industry working group agreed on an action plan that “talks about and but, quite frankly, does nothing to fix the problem.”

He concluded by urging the CCA to “do the right thing” and support the bill.

Bassett said it essentially comes down to three questions: Is there an imbalance or situation where the economic or commercial environment is not working for the whole industry? Is effective legislation necessary? Is a specific bill likely to be effective?

He said the task force agrees the issue meets the first two questions but they are still discussing if this specific bill is likely to be effective.

“There was not unanimity in the group but the consensus was simply there is clearly a problem and legislation is probably necessary,” he said. “We need to look at it carefully over the next few months and we will keep going on it.”
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dr martens red Progress being made to end pollution at Lee County lake

There’s been an effort in Lee County over the past few months to prevent raw sewage from flowing into a lake in rural Lee County.The state said high bacteria levels at Chatfield Lake is a major health issue and they demanded residents to put in septic tanks to stop the sewage from flowing into the water.The health department said some people have been following the rules while others are not far from getting papers served.Water dripped out of Roger Martens’ new septic system, it cost him $12,000 to have someone put it in the ground.”We’ve had our water issues out here and we got that straightened away,” Marten said. “It’s just like anyone else’s house I guess.”He is one of two people on a street of a dozen homes that have complied.The health department said a little more than half the residents are doing something while others are not responding, putting a potential lawsuit on their hands.”I continue to tell them that we have to do better at this and the environment should be a number one priority,” Rosa Haukedahl said.At the recent county board of supervisors meeting Environmental Services Director Rosa Haukedahl said six properties have filed for extensions which is a step in the right direction and the DNR is happy with the progress.”The board of supervisors was also pleased,
doc martens 2976 Progress being made to end pollution at Lee County lake
police as well,” Haukedahl said. “We have about 18 homes remaining and we want to work with them and get to the 100 percent mark. “But funding is the main issue for many of these homes. Martens said his neighbors just can’t afford to put a system in.”I feel sorry for them that it has to be that way,” Marten said. “I don’t know how they can decide this side here. We ain’t dumping into that lake. I don’t know how they can force us and get us into buying a septic tank. “DNR told the county that it could face fines of up to $25,000 a day if it’s not complete, but the state never put in a strict deadline to have the work complete.”At this point, they have been kept up to date and they are satisfied with the progress so far but we need to work at it,
doc martens 2976 Progress being made to end pollution at Lee County lake
” Lee County Health Department Administrator Julie Schilling said.Illinois lawmakers looking to address teacher shortageIllinois lawmakers looking to address teacher shortageThe teacher shortage in Illinois has been discussed by lawmakers.The teacher shortage in Illinois has been discussed by lawmakers.Finding teachers for your child’s classroom in West Central Illinois is proving to be very difficult for some school districts.Finding teachers for your child’s classroom in West Central Illinois is proving to be very difficult for some school districts.March Madness for the Advocacy Network for ChildrenMarch Madness for the Advocacy Network for ChildrenIt’s March Madness at the Advocacy Network For Children’s annual fund raising event.It’s March Madness at the Advocacy Network For Children’s annual fund raising event.Time to change the smoke detector batteriesTime to change the smoke detector batteries.

doc martens black Professor Martin Lavin

Immunology and Cell Biology,Nayler, Sam P., Powell, Joseph E., Vanichkina, Darya P., Korn, Othmar, Wells, Christine A., Kanjhan, Refik, Sun, Jian, Taft, Ryan J., Lavin, Martin F. and Wolvetang, Ernst J. (2017) Human iPSC Derived Cerebellar Neurons from a Patient with Ataxia Telangiectasia Reveal Disrupted Gene Regulatory Networks.

Frontiers in Cellular Journal Article: Loss of ATM in airway epithelial cells is associated with susceptibility to oxidative stress

Yeo, Abrey J., Fantino, Emmanuelle, Czovek, Dorottya, Wainwright, Claire E., Sly, Peter D. and Lavin, Martin F. (2017) Loss of ATM in airway epithelial cells is associated with susceptibility to oxidative stress.

American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine,A patient specific stem cell model to investigate the neurological phenotype observed in ataxia telangiectasia

Stewart, Romal, Wali, Gautam, Perry, Chris, Lavin, Martin F., Feron, Francois, Mackay Sim, Alan and Sutharsan, Ratneswary (2017). A patient specific stem cell model to investigate the neurological phenotype observed in ataxia telangiectasia. In Sergei V. Kozlov (Ed.),
doc martens boots uk Professor Martin Lavin

ATM kinase: methods and protocols (pp. 391 400) New York, NY, United States: Humana Press. doi:10.1007/978 1 4939 6955 5_28

Assaying for radioresistant DNA synthesis, the hallmark feature of the intra S phase checkpoint using a DNA fiber technique

Kijas, Amanda W. and Lavin, Martin F. (2017). Assaying for radioresistant DNA synthesis, the hallmark feature of the intra S phase checkpoint using a DNA fiber technique. In Sergei V. Kozlov (Ed.),

ATM kinase (pp. 13 23) New York, NY United States: Humana Press. doi:10.1007/978 1 4939 6955 5_2

Identification of ATM protein kinase phosphorylation sites by mass spectrometry

Graham, Mark E. , Lavin, Martin F. and Kozlov, Sergei V. (2017). Identification of ATM protein kinase phosphorylation sites by mass spectrometry. In Sergei V. Kozlov (Ed.),

ATM kinase: methods and protocols (pp. 127 144) New York, NY, United States: Humana Press. doi:10.1007/978 1 4939 6955 5_10

Lentiviral reprogramming of A T patient fibroblasts to induced pluripotent stem cells

Nayler, Sam, Kozlov, Sergei V., Lavin, Martin F. and Wolvetang, Ernst (2017). Lentiviral reprogramming of A T patient fibroblasts to induced pluripotent stem cells. In Sergei V. Kozlov (Ed.),

ATM kinase: methods and protocols (pp. 401 418) New York, NY, United States: Humana Press; Springer Science+Business Media. doi:10.1007/978 1 4939 6955 5_29

NMR based metabolomics: global analysis of metabolites to address problems in prostate cancer

Roberts, Matthew J., Schirra, Horst, Lavin, Martin F. and Gardiner, Robert A. (2014). NMR based metabolomics: global analysis of metabolites to address problems in prostate cancer. In iConcept Press (Ed.),

Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancer (pp. 1 43) Tokwawan, Kowloon, Hong Kong: iConcept Press.

ATM mediated signaling defends the integrity of the genome

Lavin, Martin F., Gatei, Magtouf, Chen, Philip, Kijas, Amanda and Kozlov,
doc martens boots uk Professor Martin Lavin
Sergei (2010). ATM mediated signaling defends the integrity of the genome. In Ralph A. Bradshaw and Edward A. Dennis (Ed.),

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Everyday, companies have brought out something new. Whether it’s a new mobile phone, a new Toy, a new service or even great skincare products! With so many different products on the market, it’s hard to know whether we’re investing in something that will be worthwhile, I mean, all companies make claims, how do we know that they’re true?Well it was because of these problems that A1 Articles created a database specifically for , which is updated on a daily basis, so you’ll always be in the know when it comes to new products on the market. And if you’ve found something particularly useful, you’re welcome to keep coming back, as our service is free to use!If a product is expensive, then you’ll want to know if it’s going to be worth your money, especially when it comes to flat screen TVs, or acne treatments with big claims!
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only the name of the sender will be displayed rather than the email address itse.

womens cherry red dr martens Procession route for Deputy Micah Flick announced

I left with deep sadness last night for these families and our staffs who were grieving. But I also left inspired that a community can come together and show so much compassion. Many of your officers spent the night here, worried about their colleagues. Local restaurants also sent pizzas and food to demonstrate in whatever way they could, that they cared too.

In all the craziness around us, we have not lost our humanity nor human kindness.

I am grateful that our teams share a common passion for serving our community, sometimes at most extraordinary costs, but in every way, putting our best foot forward; doing what’s right.

Thank you for your email. I’m the one who is humbled and grateful.

Sincerely, JoelJoel P. Our Beloved Micah Flick.

It is with immeasurable pride and unfathomable grief that we remember the incredible sacrifice that Micah made in service to our community and country.

Micah was truly passionate about helping those who could not help themselves. Knowing the risks, he pursued that mission with all he had. Our family is grieving the loss of a hero; a man who reacted instantaneously and selflessly to protect the public and fellow law enforcement officers.

We are also grieving the loss of a truly wonderful man who was many different things to many different people. Above all, he was a man who loved Jesus, loved his family and lived life with zeal, hunger and passion.

As a family, we thank the communities of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, the State of Colorado and our entire Nation for the abundance of love that has been poured out. We would also like to thank the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office for their tireless and heartfelt support and guidance as we navigate this chapter in our lives.

Police say members of an auto theft task force were conducting an investigation at the apartment complex where the shooting happened. While conducting surveillance, they noticed the suspect get out of a vehicle that was reported stolen. The suspect was identified as 19 year old Manuel Zetina, a resident of Colorado Springs. Police say Zetina then pulled out a handgun and started firing shots. The task force returned gunfire.

Both Zetina and Deputy Flick were killed in the shootout.

As reported earlier, Deputy Flick leaves behind a wife and 7 year old twins.

The CSPD officer injured was identified as Detective Marcus Yanez. Yanez has been employed with the department since 2007. Yanez was treated and released from the hospital. Two other deputies and a civilian were injured in the shooting.

Deputy Scott Stone was last reported in stable condition. Pastor Brian Michaels with Springs Lighthouse tells 11 News Deputy Stone is expected to make a full recovery but has a long road ahead of him.

Detective Sgt. Jacob Abendschan is a 16 year veteran. He was wounded by gunfire. His condition was last reported as good.

A male civilian walking in the area was shot and wounded. He is undergoing treatment at the hospital as of Tuesday afternoon. His name was not publicly released.

“Good morning. Most of you know about the event that took place yesterday in eastern Colorado Springs. I’m going to tell you a little bit about the victims from the sheriff’s office.

“Detective Micah Flick was an 11 year veteran of the sheriff’s office. He was killed in the line of duty. Deputy Scott Stone was a five year veteran assigned to patrol. He was wounded by gunfire and is currently in stable condition at Memorial Hospital. Detective Sgt. Jacob Abendschan is a 16 year veteran. He was wounded by gunfire. His condition is good.
electric blue doc martens Procession route for Deputy Micah Flick announced

doc martens store locator procession details set for slain El Paso County deputy

In addition to the rolling intersection and overpass roadblocks on Powers Boulevard, there will be a full closure from eastbound Interquest Parkway onto Powers Boulevard, from Powers onto eastbound Woodmen Road and at intersections along Woodmen from Powers to Meridian Road.

“These rolling closures will begin when the procession leaves the church. Tuesday to discuss Monday fatal officer involved shooting that claimed the life of Dep. Micah Flick.

“On my first day as sheriff of El Paso County, I was asked what my biggest fear was; my response was that my fear was losing a member of my family to tragedy in the line of duty,” Sheriff Bill Elder said after identifying the deputies wounded Monday.

“Last night, that fear became a reality. My heart is broken, not only for the family of Dep. Flick, but for the sheriff office.”

The sheriff office says Dep. Scott Stone and Sgt. Jake Abendshan were both injured in the shooting, but are recovering. Abendshan was released from the hospital Monday night.

is a tough business;
dr martens brown procession details set for slain El Paso County deputy
I been in this business my entire life. It a dangerous profession to be in. Unfortunately, in the past few years, there been a lack of respect for the men and women who are there to protect our community. Frankly, it shocks my staff, it shocks the leadership of public safety throughout the country. As much as we hate to admit it, we understand those risks. The senseless violence has got to end. said Flick funeral arrangements are still pending, but information is expected to released in the coming days. Donations can be made to the El Paso County Sheriff Office Foundation for Micah Flick, 1980 Dominion Way, Ste. 200, Colorado Springs,
dr martens brown procession details set for slain El Paso County deputy
CO 80918.

dr martens steel toe cap boots Pro and con statements on Edmonds School District levy proposal

Publisher note: We are presenting pro and con statements from two School District voters regarding the Proposition 1 levy appearing on the Feb. 13 special election ballot. Residents in the cities of , Woodway, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Brier and parts of unincorporated Snohomish County will be voting on a measure, which would allow the district to collect $1.50 per $1,000 assessed value on residences within the district. This will total between an estimated $49 million and $78.5 million per year from 2019 2022.

Vote yes: Levy will ensure students receive quality educationAs a former School Board director, father of four children (all of whom attended the School system), private businessman and property owner in the district, I support the upcoming school district replacement school programs and operations levy.

The levy is not an additional tax but a continuation of an existing one. The tax pays for approximately 20 percent of the current classroom and support programs which by law must be voted on every four years.

For a number of years the state has failed to fund the schools adequately and our local levy has had to supplement our schools to make up the difference. While the state has recently increased its support of the public schools (through the McCleary lawsuit which forced it to), it has still not fully funded the state school system. The levy revenue (and levy tax rate) is expected to decrease while the state funding (and tax rate) is expected to increase. This increase by the state will not offset/replace the levy at this time.

I feel fortunate that I live in a district that values education. Our citizens have consistently voted over the years in favor of the levy to ensure that the 20,000 students in our district receive the quality education they deserve. Vote yes for the levy!

Kory DeMunVote no: Levy will make home ownership even more unaffordableAs a 35 year homeowner and concerned citizen, I’m opposing the School District’s proposed quarter billion dollar, four year property tax levy that will appear on the Feb. 13, 2018 special election ballot.

The School District will receive a 41 percent increase in funding from the State of Washington in 2018 and increasing amounts in future years due to the new state school funding legislation passed in 2017. The district has proposed a levy on district homeowners that is higher in 2018 that was in place in 2017 ($2.35 per $1,000 assessed value with an increase to $2.37 per $1,000 assessed value) even though the student population has decreased. Beginning in 2019, the state has capped the levy amount at $1.50 per $1,000 assessed value and the district has projected levy revenue at $49 million in 2019 and increasing to $78.5 million by the year 2022.

With the levy, from year 2018 to year 2022, the District General Fund Revenue Analysis projects a 19.64 percent increase in funding to the district’s current $260 million budget.

If passed by district homeowners, this levy will make the cost of home ownership even more unaffordable. It will result in higher property taxes for every homeowner in , Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Woodway, Brier and unincorporated Snohomish County due to the increased rate of assessment,
are doc martens true to size Pro and con statements on Edmonds School District levy proposal
the increase in State of Washington funding, and the dramatic increase in assessed value of homes.

Based on this information gathered from district officials, the school board, Washington State legislators and Snohomish County Assessors office, I am encouraging voters to vote no on Proposition 1 by the Feb. The follow data is from memory but will serve to show the problem we all face with funding schools. Before the case the state paid about $6 7B for schools representing about 45 percent of the budget. To comply with the courts the state needed to come up with $2 3B more that moved school funding to near 50% of the budget. Most if not all of the 300 +or school districts relied on local levies to support the budgets approved by the local school boards. By defining and calculating what education is, that set up the requirement for the state to come up with $2 3B. We all know the discussions of new taxes or shift money to schools, but the fact is our state elected officials did not fix the problem. They tossed some money at it but fell short by $1 2B.

The courts spoke again, the legislature said they will step up and the governor says we have plenty of money to fund basic education. While the new tax issue is still on the table the most likely short term fix to satisfy the courts is to take money out of the day fund and call it good for this next budget cycle. That would comply with the courts but not fix the funding problem in a sustainable way. The day fund is simply taxes we have already paid that is in storage. Tapping it will not fix school funding.

No matter where the state finds the money it is only for education. The state never did and does not now plan to provide the full funding for what we provide our kids in . The local amount needed to fund the budget projections will decrease (depending on who numbers you use) from around 30% to under 20% but it will not go to zero. Our current local levy rate for 2018 is $2.37/1000 which produces around $79m. The new lower rate is $1.50/1000 designed to produce about $49m or about $30m less. Since the state has not completed it work one can only rely on various estimates. I have seen estimates to are around $30m added to ESD but until they finish in Olympic we do not really know. But if it is around +$30m then by collecting $30m less at the local level with put the budget about in balance. But we would still need the lower number of $49m to balance the budget. Without it we will not fund schools in 2019 to the level we are today. Zero is less than $49m.

Think for a moment if you were a school board member, elected to educate the kids in ESD faced with the numbers above. What would you do? Hard to take the position that zero is a good number for local dollars to support schools. Did they pick the perfect number? Probably not because Olympia is still bob and weaving. So using the estimates they had they did what we elected them to do. They voted to have a replacement levy to fill the estimated budget gap!

The other fact few talk about is Olympia had to come up with a way to fund all 300+ districts. Their plan to fund it relies heavily on property taxes and the fact of the matter is districts that are property rich will pay more than districts that are property poor. The property rich districts will subsidize the property poor districts. Here are the top 5 districts who will pay more or less in 2019 based on a report analyzing all districts in the state. will be paying $300 more.

More: Mercer Island, $990; Issaquah, $800; Bainbridge, $660; Bellevue, $660; Northshore, $460

Less: Carbonado, $570; Clover Park, $410; Pasco, $340; Cosmopolis, $310; Union Gap,
are doc martens true to size Pro and con statements on Edmonds School District levy proposal

So voting No will create a budget hole that will have to be solved with another election or cuts to the budget. The cuts would be pretty deep based on the data I have seen.

So voting Yes will probably fill the budget hole and may even collect more than needed in 2019 than will be needed to create a balance budget. Then the school board will be faced with 2 choices. 1. Find a way to reduce the taxes to balance the budget. 2. Propose improvements to education in ESD that would improve or kids education.

By voting Yes the issues will be easier to fix than by voting No.

The Courts did their job but the Legislature and Governor did not. Now it is up to us local folks to find way to continue to educate our kids.

One idea if you do not want to pay for our kids education in ESD one can always move to Carbonado and join the 600 folks who hope Mt Rainier does not erupt. They also do not have to pay for ST3.

dr martens boots ebay private clinics owner sue gov’t over long waits for health care

patients, including two students, a cancer survivor and a terminally ill cancer patient all of whom faced unacceptably long waits for care in the public health care system have joined private clinics owner Dr. Brian Day (shown here) in a lawsuit against the government.

/ Vancouver Sun files

Dr. patients, including two students, a cancer survivor and a terminally ill cancer patient, have joined private clinic owner Dr.

All the patients suffered while enduring long waits in the public system, according to the case, which contends they should have the right to seek expedited care in the private system. effectively imposes the death penalty on patients through its policy of rationed care,” Day said, at a press conference Tuesday in the boardroom of the Heenan Blaikie law firm, which is representing him in the case. Day expects it will go all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada and ultimately reshape the health care system.

“Those guilty of supporting or enforcing this legislation [preventing access to private care] while propagating the myth that such laws are good, should reflect on whether they are guilty of complicity in the causation of . deaths,” Day said, noting a poll of doctors found one quarter had patients who died while waiting for care.

He also referred to a landmark 2005 Quebec case (Chaoulli) in which the Supreme Court of Canada stated: “The evidence shows that delays in the public health care system are widespread and patients die as a result of waiting lists for public health care.”

None of the plaintiff patients attended the news conference. Day pleaded with the 20 journalists present to respect the plaintiffs’ privacy by not dogging them at home. He said no one twisted their arms to take part in the suit and they won’t be expected to pay any legal fees in the case.

All the plaintiffs sought care from Day or his clinics when they faced long waits in the public system. In a few of the cases, Day did not charge them. He said that was on compassionate grounds, given their financial and health circumstances, not because he wanted to include them in the case.

The Canadian Constitution Foundation, a registered charity, is collecting donations for the litigation, as it is for a similar case in Ontario. patients suffering on waiting lists have the same protection under the laws of Canada that were granted to Quebec residents,” Day said. “We reject assertions that it is somehow unethical or immoral to use one’s own funds.”

In court documents filed Tuesday, all of the plaintiffs, including Day, co owner of the Cambie Surgery Centre and the Specialist Referral Clinic, contend that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms should give them the right to seek expedited care in the private system, just as “preferred beneficiaries” can for medically necessary, publicly insured services.

Preferred beneficiaries, as defined by federal and provincial statutes, include injured workers who are WorkSafeBC claimants, RCMP officers, federal prisoners and federal armed forces members.

The four patients in the case are:

Chris Chiavatti, a Burnaby resident starting at McGill University this fall. In 2009, he injured a knee in phys ed class. He was referred to an orthopedic surgeon at BC Children’s Hospital who had 400 patients on a waiting list and couldn’t see him until September 2010, nearly two years after his injury.

Chiavatti saw Day instead, in late 2009, and was diagnosed with a tear in his meniscus. Within weeks, he had surgery at the Cambie clinic. The court documents note the irony that if Chiavatti’s teacher, rather than the student, had been injured in the phys ed class, “the teacher would have been eligible for expedited treatment because of his status as an injured worker, covered by [WorkSafeBC].”

Mandy Martens, a 36 year old Langley woman who needed a colonoscopy at Langley Memorial Hospital after she detected blood in her stool. But she was told she’d have to wait nine months. In the meantime, an ultrasound and CT scan detected three masses in her liver but still she couldn’t get quicker access to a specialist so she made an appointment at Day’s Specialist Referral Clinic in June for an expedited colonoscopy.

The private procedure confirmed colon cancer and then she had a resection operation at St. Paul’s Hospital. Martens has had chemotherapy and liver surgery and is reported to be doing well.

Krystiana Corrado, a 17 year old elite soccer player who attends Vancouver’s Notre Dame high school who was put on a year long waiting list for surgery after injuring her knee. Earlier this year, she had reconstruction surgery with Day and now has a chance at a soccer scholarship, the court documents state.

Erma Krahn, a 79 year old White Rock resident, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in May 2008. She injured her knee and was told she would have to wait a year for surgery. Krahn decided to have surgery with Day instead.

Despite being told she is unlikely to live more than two years, Krahn is feeling well, apart from the pain and immobility caused by her knee injury and wants to remain active as long as possible. “That can only be achieved by having her surgery done outside of the public health care system,” the lawsuit states.

Day said thousands of plaintiffs could have joined the suit but four is a manageable number.

The health minister was unavailable but Ryan Jabs, spokesman for the Ministry of Health, said:

“Our hearts go out to patients and their families when they are struggling with a medical illness and need care, and we want to assure the public that our entire health care system provides appropriate care as quickly as possible.
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dr martens monkey Privacy Policy
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dr martens monkey Privacy Policy