dr martens mary janes Undermining democracy

To the editor Our two main political parties have done a good job of undermining our democracy without any help from the Russians. The Democratic Party rigged its primaries so that the candidate selected by the party, not we the people, could run. The other party rigged the election in numerous ways including Interstate Cross Check, redistricting with software called Red Map enabling politicians to choose their voters, voter ID restrictions discouraging youth, people of color and the elderly from voting, inadequate voting machines in districts that would probably vote for the other guy, caging (a questionable way of challenging whether a voter lives at an address), and hackable voting machines, to name a few.

It apparently is not illegal to undermine democracy in this way because the Constitution does not guarantee the right of individual citizens to vote; it only implies it. So instead of democracy, we have a system by which the people who are actually in control (the obscenely wealthy) pay the politicians to pass laws that favor them at the expense of all other Americans, and the politicians pretend to care for us and feel our pain while we the people pretend we have a democracy.
very dr martens Undermining democracy