leather doc martens Union Gap restaurant selected for James Beard honor

The James Beard Awards recognize the nation’s top culinary professionals and restaurants. Restaurants are nominated for the award and a committee of distinguished culinary members chooses the winners. Felipe and his family learned late last month that their restaurant had been nominated and then were notified a few weeks later that Los Hernandez Tamales was a winner.

The business, and the other four America’s Classics award recipients, will be recognized during The James Beard Foundation Awards Gala on May 7 in Chicago.

The foundation took note of the Union Gap eatery’s popular pepper jack and asparagus tamale offered during the peak of the spring asparagus season. Los Hernandez Tamales, opened by Felipe in 1990, also is the first Washington state restaurant outside of Seattle to receive the award.

What: The restaurant sells a variety of tamales. Chicken and pork are sold year round. During the spring months, the eatery also makes pepperjack and asparagus tamales. Diners may get a single pork or chicken tamale for $1.75, a half dozen tamales for $10.50 and a dozen tamales for $18.25. When available, the asparagus tamales cost $2.09 for a single, $12.54 for a half dozen and $25.08 for a dozen.
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