doctor martens factory shop Undeniable annoyances of Virginia Tech

Don’t get me wrong. Virginia Tech is the best school in the country no, strike that; Virginia Tech is the best school in the whole world. Harvard doesn’t have anything on “Enter Sandman,” and everybody knows that UVA and William Mary don’t even have a good football team. Niche ranks Virginia Tech as the third best school in Virginia, which means it’s No. 1 in schools that aren’t totally lame.

I mean, yeah, we totally rock, but aren’t there some things that just get on your nerves here? Nothing is perfect, certainly not a massive university. Haven’t you ever wondered, “Why don’t they just fix this one little thing? They have the money!”

In honor of the new year and a new semester, I have compiled a list of some of the most annoying things here, or the official pet peeves of Virginia Tech.

WeatherLet’s face it. The weather here kind of sucks. It doesn’t make up its mind, ever, and this is coming from someone from Northern Virginia. Yeah, it’s actually worse here than in Northern Virginia. For example, in November of 2017, the temperature ranged from 18 to 75 degrees, and we literally had rain, snow and sleet.

And don’t even get me started on the winters here.

Two factor everything, all the time, every timeNow this may be an exaggeration, but I’d rather have 100 viruses on my laptop than have to log in with my ridiculous password, advance to the next step, find my phone somewhere, unlock my phone, open the app and prove that I’m “not a robot” just to see my class schedule. When I say this, I think I can speak for everyone here.

People lots of themThe dining halls are packed. The gyms are packed. Classes are packed. Even the sidewalks are packed. Why do they keep letting more and more students in if the campus isn’t big enough for them?

DriversIt’s almost like everyone here is from Northern Virginia. Actually, everyone here is from NOVA, and they all suck at driving. Try navigating a traffic circle.

Showers on campusI’m not even asking for hot water. Life would be so much better if it was at least lukewarm.

We all hate the Math EmpoThe Virginia Tech Math Emporium, conveniently located in a strip mall a whole mile from campus, is one of the most terrible things here. Imagine having no real teacher, and taking your exams in a gigantic gray room filled with desktops you can’t use until you go through yet another two factor authentication.

What’s this stupid swirly thing?What happened to our logo? It looks like one of those dumb “8” things we drew in fifth grade, like for real. Just, why? We all hate the logo; it’s just awful. I hereby declare that you at least need a degree from Virginia Tech to make executive decisions like that, sir. Better yet, there are people who actually wear VT clothes with the new logo, another topic in itself.

CyclistsThis has to take the win for the most annoying thing here.

We get it. You have a bicycle. I had one when I was in sixth grade too. But there is a bike lane it’s meant for bikes. If you’re riding a bike, why are you not in the bike lane? I mean seriously, even Lance Armstrong would use the bike lane.

All of us can probably look over these things we are at Virginia Tech after all. It’s just those tiny insignificant things that drive us all crazy sometimes.
doc martens london Undeniable annoyances of Virginia Tech