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Long Story Short

The release of the new Dr. Martens Lite collection will see the biggest change to the brand’s iconic shoes to date. The difference? Dr. Martens are upgrading their heavy soles to a radically lighter version.

If you’re a fan of Dr. Martens boots but find that they’re a bit heavy, rejoice! For you no longer have to compromise your comfort with your anti establishment aesthetic.

Today, the legendary shoe brand are releasing a new collection called Dr. Martens Lite,
white dr marten shoes Martens Lite
which does exactly what it says on the tin. The new style looks just like the original, but is made with an ultra lightweight sole and soft leather for a more athletic feel.

The collection represents the biggest change to the shoes since their creation in 1960, and includes three different styles, including the famous Newton 8 Eye Boot (pictured). All styles are available in 2 different colours: black and red.
white dr marten shoes Martens Lite