gold dr martens Martens Customized For Free Tomorrow

Jeantrix, purveyors of all things hand painted, wearable and awesome, are a local favorite of ours for the way they mix streetwear with art. (Confession: We’ve been crushing on them for years.) They sincegrown into a cult followed brand with a celeb following (Alicia Keys, Blue Ivy!) but you can still get yours hands on their custom pieces. Your top styleintel for the week:Jeantrix is hosting an event tomorrow with Dr. Martens soyou canget in on all the fashion fun. Don’t worry,
navy dr martens womens Martens Customized For Free Tomorrow
you don’t have be agrungy punk diehard to participate.

Here’s the deal: From 2pm to 8 pm tomorrow, when you spend $65 or more at Dr. Martens in Rittenhouse, you can have any new or previously purchased items customized by the creative brainiacs behind Jeantrix at no additional cost.

ICYMI, Dr. Martens is having a major resurgence with fashion pendulum swing back to’90s style. Only now, there’s a whole lot more than moodyblack boots. Case in point: These pastel beauties, which give off major grade school throwbackvibes.
navy dr martens womens Martens Customized For Free Tomorrow