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The recent Advance article, “New bike lane barriers at St. George ferry terminal create traffic mess,”doesn’t tell the entire story. Since it’s inception, that lane was used by scofflaw drivers for parking every day. These drivers not only caused a traffic mess of their own, but created danger to cyclists by forcing them into vehicle traffic.

Complaints were made since last year to 311, NYC DOT, the NYPD,
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and directly to the 120th Precinct and the dangerous situation was finally fixed with a barrier in December.

Somehow, to the reporter who wrote the piece, motorists illegally driving and parking in that bike lane didn’t create a traffic mess the barrier made necessary by those lawbreaking drivers does. Somehow, a bike lane full of illegally driven and illegally parked cars doesn’t interfere with traffic, but a bike lane with nobody but it’s legitimate users in it does.

The entire story is that besides the months of drivers breaking the law at the Ferry Terminal, city employees have eliminated two blocks of bike lane with their illegal parking. The bike lane between Wall St and Borough Hall is almost always blocked by illegally double parked cars. NYWheel/EmpireOutlets construction has eliminated a block of bike lane, and uses the lane on the opposite side to store construction material.

It’s hard to understand complaints about bike lanes in St. George when entire blocks of them have been rendered useless by lawbreaking drivers,
dr martens mens shoes sale lawbreakers are letter to the editor
and they are allowed to get away with it.