doctor martens factory shop Left mouse click doesn’t always work

This may be obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to post it.

The “double click” rate is separate from the single click detection issue, and from your description, it sounds like it is only the “double click” aspect that introduces the problem. (in other words, single left clicks work OK?). Assuming this is the case.

The “double click” rate on the buttons can be varied by the user. Depending on the setting, it can be difficult to get the timing “just right” to make it consistent. I often have trouble finding the right setting for me when I first setup a computer.

The mouse response can also be affected by resource hogging applications,
dr martens laces Left mouse click doesn't always work
so that can make it seem work reliably at some times and make it difficult to use at other times.

There should be a setting to adjust the “double click” rate for your mouse, and a test button. I’ve found that some mice switches work fine only as long as you place your finger in a precise location on the plastic switch. If you move your finger to another point on the switch, you can still HEAR a click, but the actual electronic switch inside the mouse isn’t affected when you “click” it. That can be due to materials aging or poor mouse design.

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Mouse switches that depend on where your finger is located on the switch are not that uncommon. Probably 50% of the mice in my zoo have that characteristic (where you can hear a mechanical click, but the electronic switch isn’t actually articulated) It’s worse on some than others.

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Thanks for the ideas guys, much appreciated. I’ve tried the single click v’s double click thing and it definitely fails on quite a few single click tasks so it isn’t the timing between double clicks. I’ve also tried moving my finger all over the left button and using different pressures but when it won’t work it won’t work however I press the button. I recently added iTunes software and it is a fairly new PC but the left click used to work on everything at first I can’t really remember when it stopped or if it’s failure coincided with any other event. I have reasonably good anti virus/anti spyware/firewall/etc. So to summarise up to now the left click works on some things but not on others. Things it fails on includes: add attachments’ on my e mail / some hyperlinks within e mails (eg the links in your posted messages to me) / some images which are supposed to enlarge when you click on them / some links in menus of links on various web sites). The most annoying bit is the attachments disability because right clicking does not present a solution so I can’t add attachments at the moment. You might try running system32perfmon and see what else is going on.


Here are some other ideas,
dr martens laces Left mouse click doesn't always work
although given what you’ve described I don’t see that these are likely related to your problem.