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Clock and watchmaker Michlmayr was called in after the prominent clock stopped on March 25. Specialists from the Norwich based firm ascertained the problem and placed both hands on the 12 the standard position for a broken public clock while new parts were manufactured.

Replacement sprockets were machine made and were fitted on Monday, with the timepiece now back in full working order.

A spokesman for Great Yarmouth Borough Council said: “The clock was supplied in December 1881 as an original feature of the Grade II listed Town Hall, which was opened in 1882 and is a classic example of fine Victorian Gothic architecture.

“When the clock was fully restored, as part of the renovations to the Town Hall roof between 2007 and 2009,
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the contractor identified that it would need further work in the future due to its age.

“The mechanism has been operating almost non stop for 132 years, so issues are expected now and then, because it has seen a considerable amount of wear and tear.

“It does take time to get the parts for such an historic clock, but the borough council and its contractor reacted as swiftly as possible and it is now again proclaiming the correct time to the people of Great Yarmouth.”
dr martens blake Latest Norfolk and Suffolk News