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Science news articles about ‘poison’ How Experiments in Space Can Lead to Better Treatments for Nerve Gas PoisoningScientists are hoping to develop better treatments for nerve gas poisoning by sending their experiments into space. Here’s how this helps.

Wildlife officials determine bald eagle had lead poisoningAPOLLO, Pa. (AP) Pennsylvania wildlife officials say a bald eagle that is suffering from lead poisoning is in guarded condition.

Chronic lead poisoning from urban soils . approximately 400,000) have lead poisoning, many in epidemic proportions. . concerned with chronic lead poisoning, which occurs at lower . decrease the chronic lead poisoning in children, according to .

Poisoning by prescription drugs on the rise . was observed for methadone (400%). Poisonings by benzodiazepines increased 39%. Hospitalizations . for poisoning by barbiturates actually decreased 41 .

New study: Medical and financial impact of drug related poisonings treated in US EDs . Journal of Emergency Medicine, poisoning by antidepressants and tranquilizers . visits for drug related poisoning. Among cases involving . 52 percent were suicidal poisonings and 30 percent were .

Study finds homicidal poisoning rising, more likely in infants and elderly . anecdotal accounts of homicidal poisonings but found very little . dramas often portray homicidal poisoning as a premeditated crime . the majority of these poisonings are likely negligent homicides .

Lead poisoning blocks recovery of California condor population . prompt treatment for lead poisoning, condors experience sublethal health . interventions to treat lead poisoning, the condor population . reveal huge disparities, guide cleanup . Falls, Woonsocket, and Newport,
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lead poisoning afflicted as many as 48 . the highest frequency of lead poisoning, and focused the efforts there . program of testing for lead poisoning and the Rhode Island .

Rats control appetite for poison . food, and those plants produce poison to deter rodents, insects . or a few species of poisonous plants. Specialist herbivores include . eat less? What is their poison detection system? Dearing doubts .

African rodent uses arrow toxin to deter predators . East African hunters for poison arrows. The study appears . the rapid absorption of the poisonous saliva. Interestingly, ouabain . Besides its warning coloration and poisonous hairs, the African crested .

Smooth hunters: How environmental awareness helped the Bushmen to poison their game . describe the process of poison preparation, based on their . adoption and development of poison weapons dating back to Ancient . “The discovery of arrow poisons was a significant evolutionary step .

Historic medical conference finds Bolivar may have been poisoned . symptoms point to slow, chronic poisoning, the kind that might . ‘s unlikely this was acute poisoning,” Dr. Auwaerter explains. ” . be another complication of chronic poisoning, Dr. Auwaerter adds. “It .

Poisons on public lands put wildlife at risk . ” that manufacturers add to the poisons. Other species, including martens, . surprising since non target poisoning from these chemicals is . bleeding. Exposure to the poison was high throughout the fisher .
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