dr martens brogue shoes late 90s point of reference in Can

Last night I watched Aguirre, Wrath of God, tonight I watched Can Hardly Wait. Aguirre is clearly the superior film, but having come of age in the late 90s, Hardly strikes a few more chords than I like to admit. From Lauren Ambrose hair to Seth Green inspired performance as a white kid who desperately wishes he were black, it is a time capsule. Some of it is positive and resonant, like s and the music of , and some of it is negative and regrettable, like the employment of as an insult and the music of 311, but all of it is saturated in the second half of 90s popular culture.

So you will never have to, I assembled an inventory of every mid to late 90s point of reference that appears in Can Hardly Wait. You welcome.

Smash Mouthdialogue that is uncharacteristically smarter than the characters ala Kevin Smithdudes wearing chainsSimon (the electronic game)a Batman Forever Happy Meal toylittle braids tied with colorful mini elastics.
black dr martens womens late 90s point of reference in Can