size 5 doc martens Neighbors react to Mitchell homicide

Police said there was a valid protection order in place at the time of the incident that prohibited Brinker from having contact with the woman.

“We were worried about the children because there was a little girl that they [the police] weren’t aware of at first so we said, ‘where’s the little girl?'” Nubel said. “Because her stuff was all laying there by the tree so he had evidently taken the little girl with him and dropped the other two children off.”

“The parents live in the house and they’re the ones that were here he’s [the father is] a professor at the university, so they’re not here and so they come and go and take care of the house for them so why it happened here? I don’t know.” Nubel said.

Officers arrested Brinker at another residence in Mitchell for first degree manslaughter, violating a protection order constituting an assault and domestic simple assault.

Police investigated the scene throughout the night on Tuesday and day on Wednesday.

“They’ve been walking inside and outside the house checking things out and looking for stuff I’m guessing,
dr martens size 8 Neighbors react to Mitchell homicide
” said Bailey Anthony, a neighbor.

“[I] came here about noonish there was three cop cars and an animal control vehicle and I didn’t what was going on,” said Cole Greylach, another neighbor. “And then my roommate told me.”
dr martens size 8 Neighbors react to Mitchell homicide