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From Aircraft in Profile Volume 13:

The problems being encountered with the D4Y development also contributed to the decision to abandon another interesting project. In mid 1942 it had been proposed

that a modified D4Y1 to be named Keisei should be built as a special assault aircraft to be used aboard the 18 giant I 400 class submarines then under

construction. Instead, the decision was then taken to design and construct a completely new aircraft for this purpose, and in consequence the Aichi M6A Seiran

(Mountain Haze) bearing considerably more than a superficial resemblance to the D4Y Suisei in appearance, dimensions and performance, came into being.

The original basis for the design [of the M6A Seiran] evolved around the advanced carrier based dive bomber D4Y1 Suisei (Judy) which had just started rolling off Aichi’s

Eitoku plant in southwestern Nagoya City that spring [1942]. The hope was that the Suisei, with some modifications, could be adapted for submarine use. In this capacity

it was to be named Keisei. The conversion was found to be impractical, however, as was the attempt to have interchangeability of major assemblies between the twoAlthough features of Judy were carried into the basic design of Seiran, a near total redesign became necessary in order to perfect a foldable airplane to fit into the eleven
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