dr martens ladies boots Napa Valley’s Bardessono is among greenest resorts in US

Guests stay at Yountville’s Bardessono resort because they appreciate the low carbon imprint, but also for the service.

The 62 room hotel has three times that many employees.

As might be expected, the resort sees a lot of celebrities, dignitaries and professional athletes. The majority of guests are from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and New York, escaping for a romantic weekend. Average weekend occupancy is 95 percent, said Sileshi Mengiste, vice president of operations.

“People come for wellness, and love the good life that Napa Valley offers,” he said.

The hotel gathers as much information about the guests and their needs as they can ahead of arrival.

“We’re very intuitive. We know the guest beforehand. We know what they want, and try to fulfill their needs as much as possible,” Mengiste said.

Guests are asked, for example, what firmness of mattress they prefer. Mattresses will be switched out in a particular room beforehand if need be.

Upon check in, guests are greeted by a team of attentive telephone earpiece wearing agents and offered a glass of wine. They are also given a tour of the resort.

All parking is done by valet, and guest parking is contained in an enclosed space. There are no driveways or roads running through the project.

For getting around Napa, seven luxury SUV’s are available for guest use, as are ergonomic bicycles.

The design of the buildings is clean and minimal with little to no signage,

A rooftop swimming pool lends rare views of the Stags Leap Palisades and Mayacamas Mountains, with private poolside cabanas and a pizza oven.

Guest rooms are nestled around five separate courtyard coves. The property has an intimate, private feeling, and the 540 750 square foot rooms are designed to feel like “home” Mengiste said.

There is no carpeting, and only natural chemicals are used to clean the rooms, which leaves them smelling naturally fresh.

“They (cleaning products) are very expensive, but that’s the branding,” Mengiste said.

All rooms feature 375 thread count bed sheets from Frette, an Italian linens company. Cost for a set of bed sheets starts at about $370, according to the company’s website.

Beds also come with a body pillow.

Room service is ordered via iPad, where access to 160 newspapers is also available.

There is no charge for the health oriented drinks in the mini bar.

The resort’s spa has only four massage rooms, as 90 percent of guests receive treatment in their rooms. The 200 square foot bathrooms are outfitted with retractable massage tables.

Bathroom floors were also laid with walnut, rather than tile.

“It’s a nice feeling on bare feet,” said Phil Sherburne, the resort’s developer.

Rooms also have indoor and outdoor showers.

The hotel’s restaurant, Lucy, sources locally and from the resort’s certified organic gardens. No frozen foods are used, all meat is hormone free, and all foods are free from preservatives.

Guests are also offered complimentary breakfast pastries from nearby Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery.

Four legged friends are also welcome with a $150 fee. Upon arrival they are provided pet bowls, a pet bed, doggie waste bags and a special welcome amenity.

The Napa Valley property on which the resort is built was originally farmed by the Bardessono family who arrived from Italy in 1926.
dr martens head office Napa Valley's Bardessono is among greenest resorts in US