how to lace up dr martens Neighborhoods near Greenwood targeted in rash of car break

INDIANAPOLIS. (WISH) Police are investigating a rash of vehicle break ins that happened in several neighborhoods near Greenwood.

Three neighborhoods, all withing walking distance of each other, were targeted. Police haven said if they connected. There are at least five victims, one who did not report to police. All the thefts happened sometime Wednesday night to Thursday morning. The thieves did not get away with much, but managed to steal peace of mind.

On County Line Road, the thief or thieves targeted Creekside Crossing Condominiums and Buffalo Creek Apartments and on Shelby Street, Waterford Place Apartments were also targeted.

Julie Tinsley first clue came after her son book bag seemingly disappeared from her car. The next clue followed.

neighbor was out here talking about his vehicle had just been broken into. They were calling the cops. They were talking about they found a book bag that was sitting right next to the van that just got broken into. Come to find out, it was my son book bag, Tinsley said.

She put the clues together and solved the mystery; somebody had broken into her car. It happened in the parking lot of her apartments,
dr martens covent garden Neighborhoods near Greenwood targeted in rash of car break
Waterford Place. Nothing was missing from the book bag, but her neighbor van was also broken into. His tools were gone.

Just a stone throw away at Creekside Crossing, a woman reported her vehicle broken into. The suspect got away with less than $5 in change.

on! Get a life. It was like 17 degrees out there, and you breaking in people cars? Tinsley said.

The next theft happened less than a half mile away at Buffalo Creek. There, two cars were broken into.

Taylor Johnson lives at the apartments, but the suspect bypassed her car.

car is a mess. I think people are like, no. I don have time to mess with that one, she said.

At Buffalo Creek, one victim reported that his passport and the title to his vehicle were stolen after somebody smashed in his window. But a smashed window may be a better situation than the unknowns that others are dealing with.

doors were locked. My car door was locked. The van was locked. I don even know how they getting in,
dr martens covent garden Neighborhoods near Greenwood targeted in rash of car break
Tinsley said.