dr martens best price Nephew Admits to Stabbing Death of Aunt

POCONO TOWNSHIP A nephew is accused of killing his aunt and step uncle in the Poconos.

The bodies of a man and a woman were found inside a home near Tannersville on Monday, but police believe they were killed last week.

Lancelot Fortune, 31, of Stroudsburg, is locked up in connection with those murders. Police say Fortune stabbed his aunt, Isadora Fortune, 56, and his step uncle Richard Fells,
dr marten heels Nephew Admits to Stabbing Death of Aunt
54, at the couple’s home in Pocono Township last week.

“I was totally surprised when I drove by yesterday and there were coroner vans and state trooper vans. I mean this is a really quiet street. It’s not anything that I thought would happen here,” Ryan Lohman said.

Police believe the stabbings happened on Friday, but the bodies were not discovered until Monday.

According to court papers, the victims’ daughter asked police to do a welfare check because she had not heard from her parents in a few days.

The daughter later told police that Lancelot Fortune lived on and off with the victims at the home near Tannersville and would still visit from time to time.

“Yeah, that’s pretty scary. Yeah, I had no idea. We just moved and here and don’t know anyone around here, so that’s pretty scary,
dr marten heels Nephew Admits to Stabbing Death of Aunt
” said Joelle Boye.

Police say both Isadora Fortune and Richard Fells had multiple stab wounds. He told police he ditched the murder weapon and clothing in the river at Penn’s Landing then drove to King of Prussia where he saw the movie “Jumanji.”