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I used to enjoy dessert, which usually was a cup of light/fat free Ricotta cheese with a packet of Sweet N Low and a drop or two of either vanilla or almond extract, they also have lemon extract which is yummy.

All in all, I am pleased with the SBD, I am proud of the way I’ve stuck to this, and I love being able to see such great results.

The lbs and inches literally melt away.

Today, I am wearing a skirt which used to be SO tight, the sucker is practically falling off of me, the shirt was also mighty snug and now it’s loose.

I can really see the weight drop from week to week by my clothes, I went down one more size in jeans.

I’m motivated by the way I look and feel, no more achy knees and feet, I have more energy and just feel healthier.

I divided the amount I want to lose into 3 goals, that keeps me motivated.

Now I’ve got 30 more to go to reach my 2nd goal, and it’s all downhill from there.

I can’t say enough about the South Beach Diet, it works, it really does.

If you stick to it, you will see results.

The steady weight loss is a plus, it keeps me motivated and wanting to work harder.

I still have times when I want a baked potato with the works, or mexican food with lots of cheese, tortilla chips etc. but “nothing tastes as good as thin feels” has been my motto.

I had a thin slice of cake this week, but nothing close to what I wanted, I wanted a normal serving, I cut the slice very thin and left the room immediately to avoid temptation.

Last weekend I had spaghetti, although pasta is not allowed I really was going crazy, so I made it as low fat and healthy as I could.

I had a good sized helping, I expected to gain a lb. or so but I did not.

I can honestly say that at 37 years of age I am finally learning to eat.

I eat to give my body the fuel it needs to operate and nothing more, I don’t need sweets or loads of carbs to function, when I do crave something I give it a lot of thought before I reach for it.

I make educated choices about everything I eat now, no spur of the moment trips to the fridge or pantry, I don’t stop for an Egg McMuffin, I don’t go to fast food places unless I know for certain that I get a salad, and before I go out to eat I decide what I can have and order that when I get there, I don’t look at the menu.

If I go to a new restaurant I look at the menu online and write down what I’ll have, if it’s not online I will just ask for a grilled chicken salad and be done with it.

I’ve completely changed the way I eat, and it’s helped me to learn about the reasons I overindulged before.

I ate to feel better, to quench the thirst for love or the hunger for affection.

I can love a cheesecake but it cannot love me back, so what do I get out of it?? a fat butt and a feeling of failure.
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