dr martens 1460 review Mystery solved on why Richard Bernstein has disappeared from family law firm ads

If you watch any Tiger’s baseball games, you would think that the Bernstein law firm has a piece of the team. There’s the Call Sam studio where they analyze how the team found another ingenious way to lose a game and throughout the broadcast the Bernstein name is everywhere. (Too bad one of them is not a sparkling relief pitcher.)

Usually the commercials feature the whole family, Daddy Sam, daughter Beth, eldest son Mark and youngest son Richard = but recently its a trio and not a quartet as Richard has mysteriously disappeared.

If you follow politics you know that he is running for the state supreme court and so you conclude he had to be scrubbed from the commercials because it violates the state campaign finance law since it amounts to free exposure for the candidate.

Turns out that’s not true. State law apparently permits a commercial for your law firm which is not a de facto campaign spot.

So back to the original question: Where or where has Richard gone?

A spokesperson reveals the firm removed him from the ad to avoid misleading any potential clients.

It’s known that Richard specializes in helping the disabled. With the candidate spending more time on the campaign trail than behind his desk at work, the firm did not want someone calling in, asking for help from Richard and then not being able to connect with him.

“It’s truth in advertising,” this source explains.

The know it alls in this town are also trying to figure out if the Bernstein name, plastered all over the state for years on the tube, is a plus or a minus for the high court candidate. It certainly has boosted Richard’s name ID. But he and the family are still trial lawyers and that has a negative connotation for some.

Mark Bernstein opines it is a plus. But the voters will decide if they want to permanently remove his brother from the commercials by electing him to the state’s highest court.
doc martens shoes Mystery solved on why Richard Bernstein has disappeared from family law firm ads