dr martens best price Nephew Admits to Stabbing Death of Aunt

POCONO TOWNSHIP A nephew is accused of killing his aunt and step uncle in the Poconos.

The bodies of a man and a woman were found inside a home near Tannersville on Monday, but police believe they were killed last week.

Lancelot Fortune, 31, of Stroudsburg, is locked up in connection with those murders. Police say Fortune stabbed his aunt, Isadora Fortune, 56, and his step uncle Richard Fells,
dr marten heels Nephew Admits to Stabbing Death of Aunt
54, at the couple’s home in Pocono Township last week.

“I was totally surprised when I drove by yesterday and there were coroner vans and state trooper vans. I mean this is a really quiet street. It’s not anything that I thought would happen here,” Ryan Lohman said.

Police believe the stabbings happened on Friday, but the bodies were not discovered until Monday.

According to court papers, the victims’ daughter asked police to do a welfare check because she had not heard from her parents in a few days.

The daughter later told police that Lancelot Fortune lived on and off with the victims at the home near Tannersville and would still visit from time to time.

“Yeah, that’s pretty scary. Yeah, I had no idea. We just moved and here and don’t know anyone around here, so that’s pretty scary,
dr marten heels Nephew Admits to Stabbing Death of Aunt
” said Joelle Boye.

Police say both Isadora Fortune and Richard Fells had multiple stab wounds. He told police he ditched the murder weapon and clothing in the river at Penn’s Landing then drove to King of Prussia where he saw the movie “Jumanji.”

doc martens 1461 womens neither should lawmakers

House of Representatives to request his pay be withheld until the shutdown ends.

“It is fundamentally flawed that members of our military will not receive a paycheck during this time, yet we as their representatives are permitted to live under a different set of rules,” said Arrington in the letter to Philip Kiko.

Everyone in the House and Senate makes $174,
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000 annually.

RELATED: Read the bill

“It is unconscionable that the Democrats would shut down the government and then pocket their paychecks after snatching pay out of the hands of our troops and our agents and officers guarding our border,” said McSally. “By shutting the government down over an unrelated issue, Democrats show that they are choosing those here illegally over the American heroes who are upholding our laws and protecting our country.”
dr martens 2976 boot neither should lawmakers

dr martens seconds Neil Waugh Outdoors

Well, Santa obviously got my letter because under the tree there was a brand new Little Buddy radiant heater that sits on the top of a one pound propane bottle and is good for at least five hours of luxuriant warmth emitted from its rosy red burner tile.

perfect solution for heating small spaces, the company website whooped.

And no space gets much smaller than my one man ice fishing tent. Which in a pinch can be stretched into a one man one dog work space if my fox red Lab Penny comes along for the fun.

Coal Lake boat launch east of Wetaskiwin.

The outside thermometer at home was hovering around minus 11C, a perfect day to give my Little Buddy it shakedown voyage and trial run.

I loaded the dog, tent, auger, cuttings scoop, tackle bag, rods, bait tubs, snow shovel, three bottles of gas and my brand new heater into the Jeep and headed for Coal Lake.

This sinuous waterbody is the geological remnant of the great ice melt river that once drained Glacial Lake Edmonton.

Like the ice fields the river is long gone. But the valley it carved, known as the Gwynne Channel, remains.

Captain Palliser on his historic 1859 map calls it Long Lake. But it was rebranded Coal a few years later and remained a shallow and largely fish less slough until 1972 when Alberta Environment threw up a dike at its southern end across Pipestone Creek, raising the water level three metres.

Boosting the winter dissolved oxygen level and allowing pike to survive and thrive.

I dropped onto the ice surface at the launch off the Cloverlawn Hall Road (featuring their famous Christmas lutefisk supper) and rolled down the lake for a spell to a little bay under the eastern bluffs.

Then drilled four holes progressively toward shore looking for water two metres or so deep over a grass bottom.

I set up on the first hole and pressed the Little Buddy striker button. The pilot light caught and when the filament began to glow the tent radiated with sweet, rapturous heat.

Penny hated it. I guess the space was too tight for the three of us and she demanded to be let back into the truck.

The water was a little shallow for my liking but since I done all the work I dropped a chartreuse jig tipped with a frozen shiner minnow down the bore anyway. Because you never know.
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size 5 doc martens Neighbors react to Mitchell homicide

Police said there was a valid protection order in place at the time of the incident that prohibited Brinker from having contact with the woman.

“We were worried about the children because there was a little girl that they [the police] weren’t aware of at first so we said, ‘where’s the little girl?'” Nubel said. “Because her stuff was all laying there by the tree so he had evidently taken the little girl with him and dropped the other two children off.”

“The parents live in the house and they’re the ones that were here he’s [the father is] a professor at the university, so they’re not here and so they come and go and take care of the house for them so why it happened here? I don’t know.” Nubel said.

Officers arrested Brinker at another residence in Mitchell for first degree manslaughter, violating a protection order constituting an assault and domestic simple assault.

Police investigated the scene throughout the night on Tuesday and day on Wednesday.

“They’ve been walking inside and outside the house checking things out and looking for stuff I’m guessing,
dr martens size 8 Neighbors react to Mitchell homicide
” said Bailey Anthony, a neighbor.

“[I] came here about noonish there was three cop cars and an animal control vehicle and I didn’t what was going on,” said Cole Greylach, another neighbor. “And then my roommate told me.”
dr martens size 8 Neighbors react to Mitchell homicide

white dr marten shoes Neighbors News

Club Notes met recently with 30 members in attendance. Bill Garrett won the door prize. Cards were signed and sent to Patty Eldridge and Ruth Houk. The next regular meeting will be May 24. For May 10, members will attend a reenactment of an Amish wedding with meal included for $20.

Daughters of the American Revolution

The Hetuck Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met April 22 with discussion on Memorial Day, the World War II traveling museum, supplies for veterans and letters for veterans participating in the Honor Flight Program. Heath High School senior Shelby Robbins received the Good Citizen Award. May 20 at Middleton Independent Living with lunch served. Inc. Club of Newark Granville met April 10 with nine members and one guest present. The scholarship committee will select two recipients from 15 applications received from Licking County high school seniors. Members brought gift basket and display table items and baby wipes for the district five conference. May 15 at Elements with two members being installed and two scholarships being awarded. supports. continuing education grant for study at Central Ohio Technical College. Five students from Newark High School have applied for the local chapter scholarship with three to be selected. After the meeting, Rick Black talked about the organs at the church and played the new organ. July 29 at Phoenix Central, 116 W. Church St. Snacks and light refreshments will be provided. Alumni of Central and Kennedy junior high schools are invited.

Ohio State University

Brittany Leigh Henry graduated summa cum laude from the Fisher College of Business during spring commencement. The 2013 graduate of Lakewood High School is the daughter of Michele and the late Scott Henry. Brittany is set to start a career at Park National Bank.

Danielle Doup of Utica graduated with a bachelor’s degree in middle childhood education and received the Senior Dean’s Award for academic achievement. She will be a sixth grade math teacher this fall at Utica Junior High School.

Justin Doup of Utica received the first year student recognition award from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering based on having the top cumulative grade point average in his class. The 2013 graduate of Granville High School is the son of Dan and Lisa Yeager of Granville and grandson of Hank and Barbara Jackson and Marilyn Yeager of Mt. Vernon.
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how to lace up dr martens Neighborhoods near Greenwood targeted in rash of car break

INDIANAPOLIS. (WISH) Police are investigating a rash of vehicle break ins that happened in several neighborhoods near Greenwood.

Three neighborhoods, all withing walking distance of each other, were targeted. Police haven said if they connected. There are at least five victims, one who did not report to police. All the thefts happened sometime Wednesday night to Thursday morning. The thieves did not get away with much, but managed to steal peace of mind.

On County Line Road, the thief or thieves targeted Creekside Crossing Condominiums and Buffalo Creek Apartments and on Shelby Street, Waterford Place Apartments were also targeted.

Julie Tinsley first clue came after her son book bag seemingly disappeared from her car. The next clue followed.

neighbor was out here talking about his vehicle had just been broken into. They were calling the cops. They were talking about they found a book bag that was sitting right next to the van that just got broken into. Come to find out, it was my son book bag, Tinsley said.

She put the clues together and solved the mystery; somebody had broken into her car. It happened in the parking lot of her apartments,
dr martens covent garden Neighborhoods near Greenwood targeted in rash of car break
Waterford Place. Nothing was missing from the book bag, but her neighbor van was also broken into. His tools were gone.

Just a stone throw away at Creekside Crossing, a woman reported her vehicle broken into. The suspect got away with less than $5 in change.

on! Get a life. It was like 17 degrees out there, and you breaking in people cars? Tinsley said.

The next theft happened less than a half mile away at Buffalo Creek. There, two cars were broken into.

Taylor Johnson lives at the apartments, but the suspect bypassed her car.

car is a mess. I think people are like, no. I don have time to mess with that one, she said.

At Buffalo Creek, one victim reported that his passport and the title to his vehicle were stolen after somebody smashed in his window. But a smashed window may be a better situation than the unknowns that others are dealing with.

doors were locked. My car door was locked. The van was locked. I don even know how they getting in,
dr martens covent garden Neighborhoods near Greenwood targeted in rash of car break
Tinsley said.

tartan doc martens Neighbor says Turpin children seemed ‘terrified’ when she tried to talk to them

But Milligan never saw children scampering in the backyard, never heard playful screams.A few times, Milligan saw a woman across the street with an infant cradled in her arms. She occasionally noticed three other children, who looked like they were 14 years old or younger.Milligan and her neighbors in the quiet, nondescript suburban Perris neighborhood said they were shocked to learn that David Allen Turpin, 56, and his wife, Louise Anna Turpin, 49, are accused of holding their 13 children captive.”I’m devastated. It’s so close to home literally,” Milligan told CNN Tuesday.Early Sunday, the Turpins’ 17 year old daughter climbed out of the house through a window and called 911 from a deactivated cell phone she found in the home, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said.Sheriff’s deputies went to the home on Sunday and found the 12 victims who “appeared malnourished and very dirty.” Several children were shackled to their beds “in dark and foul smelling surroundings,” the sheriff’s department said. The victims range in age from 2 to 29.The suspects are being held in the Robert Presley Detention Center, each on $9 million bail, the sheriff’s department said Monday. The couple is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday, according to online records.One neighbor told CNN affiliate KABC that she saw the parents being arrested early Sunday. The children were taken from the home in their pajamas, she said.”They were very, very pale skinned, almost like they’ve never seen the sun,” said the neighbor, who did not wish to be identified.”And it was mostly girls . kind of small framed,” the neighbor said.Jennifer Luna, another neighbor, shook her head in astonishment.”It’s so sad, so horrible,” Luna told CNN affiliate KCAL/KCBS. “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this.”The adult children are being treated at Corona Regional Medical Center in Corona, and the six minor children are at Riverside University Health System Medical Center in Moreno Valley.’They froze’Milligan was surprised to learn that the three children she believed to be adolescents were actually adults.”I thought they were like 12, because they looked so malnourished, so pale,” Milligan told KCAL/KCBS.One encounter with them stood out to her in particular.She and her son had finished putting up their Christmas decorations, when they noticed the three children across the street putting up a Nativity scene in front of their house. The Milligans walked over to compliment the children on the decorations.
dr martens 1460 vintage Neighbor says Turpin children seemed 'terrified' when she tried to talk to them

cheap dr martens Negotiated Rates Often Better Hotel Value Than Dynamic Pricing

Negotiated flat rates still provide better value than dynamic pricing agreements at high volume hotels, though dynamic pricing does offer savings when properly applied, according to research by CWT Solutions Group.

The group, Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s consulting division, tracked best available rates at about 6,400 hotels from January to April and compared them with 134 clients’ negotiated rates. On average, the negotiated rates provided 22.7 percent savings off BAR, though that figure varied widely by market, hotel type and program volume. Negotiated rates in such markets as Houston, Atlanta and Toronto on average saved more than 30 percent off BAR, while the average negotiated rate in New York was actually higher than BAR, for example.

“In high occupancy markets, we begin to see how a dynamic agreement could be more beneficial to a corporate customer,” according to the report. “In these markets where hotels don’t need to offer significant discounts to attract business, a 10 percent to 15 percent dynamic pricing agreement may very well be more beneficial than flat corporate negotiated rates.”

At the same time,
dr marten store Negotiated Rates Often Better Hotel Value Than Dynamic Pricing
hotels that do not discount heavily on corporate negotiated rates are not likely to offer large dynamic discounts, either, the report continued.

The group’s research also determined negotiated rates tended to offer more savings in higher tier properties. The average negotiated rate at deluxe hotels was 39 percent below BAR, while at economy hotels it was 17 percent below BAR.

In terms of volume, the average negotiated discount unsurprisingly was higher for companies offering more room nights. The average discount off BAR for companies offering more than 500 room nights was 29.5 percent; for companies offering 100 nights or fewer, the average discount was 21.3 percent, according to the report.

The report said other considerations are required when evaluating dynamic pricing agreements. Such amenities as breakfast and Internet access typically are not included in dynamic pricing or chainwide agreements, which could further lower the savings threshold. Programs with many travelers who book at the last minute also are vulnerable to “yield management tactics” that could hinder dynamic pricing savings, according to the report. Dynamic pricing agreements can offer long term savings in terms of time, however, since hotels often are willing to offer them on a multiyear basis.

“Travel buyers should continue to place most focus on corporate negotiated rates, as the greatest benefit is currently still here,” the report concluded. “However, consider dynamic agreements as a beneficial program supplement in low volume markets or at hotels with few room nights,
dr marten store Negotiated Rates Often Better Hotel Value Than Dynamic Pricing
particularly in the [economy] category and in seller’s markets with low volume.”

dr marten usa Need new router should I go ac or n router

Hello, I am looking for a new router to replace a Westell model: A90 750022 07. It was the router sent to me by my internet provider Century link. I called them early to find out if I could use a third party router instead of theirs because the range isn’t that good and was told yes. I have looked at the new ac type routers and they are very appealing and seem like they would fit my home needs. We have two laptops,
dr martens for kids Need new router should I go ac or n router
and three tablets plus two smartphones not including two smart blu ray players on our network. When viewing netflix or some YouTube videos we experience lag and dropout because of range issues. I need the router to be able to connect to a phone jack in order to access our internet services. Also with me and my wife both in college we need this router to have excellent connection without lag or dropouts causing some pages not to display correctly for school assignments. None of these units are gateways that include a DSL modem they are all just routers. Does you budget allow for buying AC adapters? Note that there is only one actual AC1900 wireless adapter and it is for desktops. If you just use the N, you can save a lot by buying an ASUS RT N56U dual band N router that has excellent range. Dual band N will also give you more radio channels using the 2.4 and 5GHz to share the bandwidth load. But with 5GHz N you also have the issue of whether your current adapters can use it or if you need new adapters on your devices.
dr martens for kids Need new router should I go ac or n router

doc martens boots Nebraska Farm Bureau explains new Tax Bill to farmers and ranchers

The following limitations will apply:The deduction is limited for partnerships and S corporations to 50 percent of W 2 wages paid to employees OR the sum of 25 percent of W 2 wages paid plus 2.5 percent of depreciable business property.The W 2 limitation does not apply to taxpayers when taxable income does not exceed $315,000/$157,000 joint/individual and would be completely phased out when income reaches $415,000/$207,000 joint/individual.The deduction is not available to some service businesses, for example, veterinarians with taxable income over $150,000. The deduction for service businesses starts to phase out at $50,000 of income.

C Corporation Businesses: The law sets the corporate tax rate at a flat 21 percent instead of the current 15 percent, 25 percent, 34 percent, and 35 percent brackets.

Implications for 2017: Depending on your individual circumstances, farmers and ranchers may want to consider deferring income to next year as the lower rates take effect for the 2018 tax year. 179 small business expensing from $500,
dr martens 8 eye Nebraska Farm Bureau explains new Tax Bill to farmers and ranchers
000 to $1 million and increases the expenditure level at which the deduction begins to phase out from $2 million to $2.5 million indexed for inflation.

Immediate Expensing (bonus depreciation): Farmers and ranchers generally use bonus depreciation when expenditures exceed the Sect. 179 small business deduction limits. All farm structures qualify for the bonus depreciation deduction. The bill allows businesses to fully and immediately write off business investments through 2022 and expands the deduction to include used as well as new purchases. After 2022, the percentage deduction reduces by 20 percent each year until bonus depreciation is eliminated beginning in 2027.

Depreciation of Farm Machinery: The bills shorten the depreciation period for farm equipment and machinery from seven to five years.

Implications for 2017: Farmers and ranchers might consider making some year end purchases of new or used equipment. The new law’s effective date for the expanded bonus depreciation rules start for property purchased on or after September 28, 2017. The new law does limit an individual’s ability to deduct their local property taxes and state income taxes at a combined $10,000, for those who itemize deductions. Unfortunately, the increased exemption expires on December 31, 2025. The bill does not change current stepped up basis rules.

6.1031 Exchanges are Continued for Real Property The new law continues like kind exchanges for buildings and land, however it would end for equipment and livestock. Carryover rules are available to apply the excess interest expense to future years. The new law also maintains the deduction for medical expenses for those who itemize deductions.

Implications for 2017: This should be discussed with your accountant. The new law allows farmers to receive a 20 percent deduction on all payments from a farmer cooperative. The deduction cannot exceed the taxpayer’s taxable income for the year. The cooperative will then receive a 20 percent deduction on gross income less payments to patrons, limited to the greater of 50 percent of wages, or 25 percent of wages plus 2.5 percent of the cooperative’s investment in property.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is a grassroots, state wide organization dedicated to supporting farm and ranch families and working for the benefit of all Nebraskans through a wide variety of educational, service and advocacy efforts. More than 61,000 families across Nebraska are Farm Bureau members,
dr martens 8 eye Nebraska Farm Bureau explains new Tax Bill to farmers and ranchers
working together to achieve rural and urban prosperity as agriculture is a key fuel to Nebraska’s economy.